Marion in “The Rivals”?

This Variety article caught my eye last week. It’s actually about the fate of some 200 projects after the split between DreamWorks and Paramount. But there’s an interesting paragraph:

Another 17 pictures — including “The Rivals,” starring Nicole Kidman and Marion Cotillard — stay at Paramount, with Spielberg able to co-finance which ones he chooses. If he doesn’t co-finance, and he’s a producer or director on any of those projects, he’ll get his 7.5% gross deal.

Apparently, Nicole Kidman – currently shooting “Nine” alongside Marion Cotillard – has been attached to play Sarah Bernhardt in this film for something like 5 years. What is it about?

The film is about the rivalry between 19th century stage stars, SARAH BERNHARDT and ELEONORA DUSE – who competed in their careers as well as in social circles and romantically.

More youthful than Bernhardt, Italian-born Duse became a threat to the older actress and, as the rivalry escalated, both would play the same part on the same night to allow critics the chance to compare their performances.

Now, here’s to hoping this project will come off the ground!


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