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Sep 2008
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… a star was born, her last name rhymes with superstar, Oscar and César. But even without those external accomplishments Marion Cotillard has a beautiful personality and an immense acting talent. We hope she’s able to spend this day with her loved ones and wish her all the best in the year to come.

Sep 2008
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Marion Cotillard is back in Paris for the time being. On September 20 she attended Madonna’s concert in her home city together with boyfriend Guillaume Canet. Thanks to all of you who let me know about this in the forum, via email or in the comments section! And yesterday accompanied by “Nine” producer Harvey Weinstein she attended the Christion Dior show during the Paris Fashion Week. A multitude of other

Sep 2008
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Again from the Daily Mail (via heads-up from celebrity blog Perez Richie). The leading ladies of the upcoming musical “Nine” who are currently undergoing rehearsals in London went to Madonna’s concert at Wembley Stadium last night. None of the pictures from the VIP section show Marion Cotillard in focus, and the article makes no mention of her – but she clearly was there. Her costars Kate Hudson, Fergie, Penelope Cruz,

Sep 2008
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Think of the Daily Mail what you want, but when it comes to news about movies they’re mostly pretty accurate. Last week they reported the following: Sophia Loren arrived Tuesday, Judi Dench joined up last weekend. The leading ladies of Rob Marshall’s film musical Nine are now all in London, rehearsing like crazy and taking singing and dancing lessons. Nicole Kidman, Penelope Cruz, Marion Cotillard, R&B star Fergie and leading

Sep 2008
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* pun w/th “rebelle” – rebel – and “belle” – pretty- Originally published in Néoplanète (France) – September/October 2008 translated by Mina Cotillard like you’ve never seen her before! There’s Cotillard the actress, who turns somebody’s head from Paris to Hollywood. There’s also Marion the commited, for bio food, fair trade, environment. Without fuzz, it’s fresh, it’s true. And she regrets nothing! You’re known to be one of the most