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Aug 2008
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Nine director Rob Marshall is setting up a drama school where his stars, including Penelope Cruz, Daniel Day-Lewis and Marion Cotillard, can work exclusively on their high notes, dance steps and even their dialect.

Cruz reveals, “We have a camp in London where you go from the dancing room to the singing room, to the acting room to the dialect coach.

“It’s all day like that and I can’t wait to get started.”


On another note, Fergie has joined the film’s all-star line-up and is very excited about it.

“I’m speechless. I’m definitely going to be a sponge on set,” the Black Eyed Pea was quoted by as saying. “I want to pick up on everything that all these brilliant actors are bringing to the table. I’m probably going to be the quietest that I’ve ever been while working just because I want to watch and learn.”

Of her lady of the night character, Fergie said: “(I’m) just thrilled I get to play a character. I’m singing, but I’m not singing as myself. I’m going to be singing as a character, and that’s what’s really exciting to me.”

  • lolette
    Posted on August 11, 2008

    sorry to say that, but the casting was so great before kate hudson and fergie…..

  • patel
    Posted on August 14, 2008

    I would have to say that the addition of nicole kidman will hurt the film more than the casting of kate hudson. I mean seeing as kidman cant even move her face anymore thats bound to get in the way of the acting. and maybe kate hudson will draw more people to the movie, so that could be a plus.

  • harley
    Posted on August 23, 2008

    hey maria! you have the coolest, and i think the only, marion site in the net! congrats for that. im really excited about this project since i heart most of the actors thaat are working there, and give kate a break she’s a really talented girl! saying that, i was wondering when are you allowing new users to register to the gallery, i would love to, so, i hope it’ll be soon.

    best of luck,

  • Brandi
    Posted on August 24, 2008

    I like the cast with the exception of Fergie, can she even act?

  • Dance Videos
    Posted on August 25, 2008

    What a great dancing video!

  • patel
    Posted on August 26, 2008

    actually there are a few marion cotillard fan sites out there…but i think this is the only one in english so thanks maria!

  • Maria
    Posted on August 28, 2008

    Yup this is the only English Marion website. There are 2 very good French websites out there… See the links section on this website to find them.

    I won’t be opening gallery registration since being a user won’t give you any additional privileges. All the pictures are currently available to everyone in their full size. Whenever you can’t see pictures it’s because I haven’t uploaded them yet 🙁

  • lolette
    Posted on August 28, 2008

    maria, when you will upload the photoshoots ? and i would like to see the pix from the oscars!! thanks

  • angelus
    Posted on August 29, 2008

    seriously? fergie? i don’t even know what to say. this is perhaps the most unexpected casting call of all!

    still, perhaps she will surprise us?

  • patel
    Posted on August 31, 2008

    maria, do you have any pictuires or news from the nine bootcamp in london regarding marion??

  • Maria
    Posted on September 04, 2008

    lolette: As soon as I find the time, I promise!

    patel: No, no pictures at all I’m afraid. Will be on the lookout and will let you all know as soon as some should surface.

  • lolo
    Posted on September 30, 2008


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