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I finally had the time to go to the place where they’re selling international magazines and was thus able to buy a copy of the July/August issue of the French Psychologies. View the scans. The pictures are not new but the interview is. Not only is it the first interview after the Oscars it is also so much more than your average celebrity interview. And I’m sure after reading it you’ll be motivated to improve your knowledge yourself. Many thanks to Mariana (first part as published online) and Anthony (full interview as published in the magazine) for providing Magnifique Marion Cotillard with an English translation. I myself have thrown in a bit of work to try and make the translation sound “English”. If anyone else has propositions how some sentences could be better translated please let us know in the comments section!

I’m more and more honest with myself

I went back to Paris for a few days, and I noticed how nice people were with me. Many told me that I boosted their morale. If I can share this energy, that fulfills me. Energy is life. It’s pleasant to experience notoriety. All one needs is to manage to leave it at its right place.

I can’t be someone that I’m not, I can’t lie. I was treated like an idiot, but I prefer looking like an idiot than a liar. I’m just someone who tries to be open-minded, to find out about things and to understand.

It’s easier to let yourself down, but so much more enriching to learn. When we bother to make that effort, passion always comes and everything lightens up, everything is getting easier. We even can become addicted. Being addicted to knowledge is good … read all


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  1. Ms. Cotillard…I am a 55 year old American Woman and have to say that I have never in my life seen acting as spectacular as you are in La Vie En Rose! Viva la Marion! I am moved by your magnificent talent.

  2. It appears to be so. We haven’t yet seen other new pictures to see what her new haircut looks like when it’s not styled for filming, though.

  3. Thank you Maria!;) I thinks she look really good in short hairs, but honestly-in long hairs she looked fantastic 🙂

  4. Wonderful interview. She’s such a remarkable person, inside and out, and despite that she’s so modest and humble! I liked how she never retracted her 9/11 statement. She’s right — it would have been easier to just say she was sorry, she didn’t mean it, blah. It does take courage to stand by your convictions.

    I have a request. Can I post a snippet of this interview on my own blog? I will credit and link of course 🙂

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