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Jul 2008
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I finally had the time to go to the place where they’re selling international magazines and was thus able to buy a copy of the July/August issue of the French Psychologies. View the scans. The pictures are not new but the interview is. Not only is it the first interview after the Oscars it is also so much more than your average celebrity interview. And I’m sure after reading it

Jul 2008
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Once again, I bring you scans of magazine spreads featuring Marion Cotillard portraits taken by Peter Lindbergh. None are really new, but some pictures are shown in their entirety here or on one single page. This time around the Chopard promotion fashion features come from the following publications: Vogue (Japan) – July and Luna (Italy) – June. And then there’s one new picture from the other Lindbergh photo shoot session

Jul 2008
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de Psychologies / par Hélène Matthieu Depuis son oscar pour La Môme, elle a été propulsée au top ten des stars mondiales. Mais n’a plus accordé d’interviews. Pour Psychologies, elle a accepté de s’exprimer sur sa nouvelle vie, sur ses engagements et sur les pièges liés à sa notoriété. Psychologies : Depuis la remise des oscars, on n’a plus eu de nouvelles de vous. Que s’est-il passé ? Marion Cotillard

Jul 2008
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originally published in French Psychologies, July/August 2008 translated by Mariana, Anthony and Ioana Since winning an Oscar for “La Vie En Rose”, she has been propelled to the Top Ten of world stars. But hasn’t given any interviews. For Psychologies, she agreed to speak about her new life, her commitments and the traps that come with fame. A meeting in Chicago with a young woman who isn’t singing her own