No Marion for ‘Ondine’

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5 Responses

  1. Modelspice says:

    Hi Maria

    Thanks for this. I only read about Marion supposedly being linked to this project about two weeks ago. So I wasn’t too sure how accurate the news was.

  2. fredlyon says:

    If this part was good for a “newcomer”, then it was not good for an academy award winner !

  3. ioana says:

    She probably wouldn’t have had time to do it anyway. Rehearsals for “Nine” start in July too.

  4. Ariane says:

    Awww, I wanted her to do this one. Marion would’ve made a prettier mermaid that whoever her name is.

    This is the story that Audrey Hepburn played in Broadway in 1954 (she was the so-called mermaid) and she won the Tony for it. That same year she got the Oscar for Roman Holiday.

  5. peppe says:

    But maybe Marion has another role.

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