We’re back!

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  1. Auxane says:

    I feel very grateful as well to all of them because I love this website so much!!! Thank you all. I feel very guilty for not helping financially but I am so broke. ;-(

  2. noir says:

    Congrats with having site back, Maria! I’ve been missing it (and you guys)…

  3. ladyrain says:

    i was shock! I keep checking everday… i don’t know where to contact you (the forum email under the same domain) and i couldn’t help….i think i might apply to that paypal now, just in case. Glad it’s over!

  4. Mila says:

    Hello Maria! You remember me? I’m webmistress of Marion Cotillard Online. My site was hacked too. That’s so stupid ¬¬ and my fansites were hacked too. I hate hackers. I’m happy for you site is back :)

    My Marion’s site is back too. It’s http://marion.starlightideas.com/

    – Mila

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