We’re back!

After some difficulties caused by a hacker attack and a virus the site is finally back on track! I want to express my deepest gratitude for everyone who was able to spare a few dollars to help me pay for the restoration of the website – as well as those who expressed their sympathy. I will work hard over the coming days to bring this site up to date so stay tuned!

It is really not something I take for granted that so many people helped me out so here the initials of the 12 kind people – I’m forever grateful to you all:
D.H., A.R., M.M., L.A.C., P.F., A.T., M., G.S., A.V., M.A., R.M., M.S.


4 Comments on “We’re back!”

  1. I feel very grateful as well to all of them because I love this website so much!!! Thank you all. I feel very guilty for not helping financially but I am so broke. ;-(

  2. i was shock! I keep checking everday… i don’t know where to contact you (the forum email under the same domain) and i couldn’t help….i think i might apply to that paypal now, just in case. Glad it’s over!

  3. Hello Maria! You remember me? I’m webmistress of Marion Cotillard Online. My site was hacked too. That’s so stupid ¬¬ and my fansites were hacked too. I hate hackers. I’m happy for you site is back 🙂

    My Marion’s site is back too. It’s http://marion.starlightideas.com/

    – Mila

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