Marion as Billie

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  1. Paolo says:

    Shei is amazing!Wow!
    Thanks Maria.

  2. Lu says:

    Hey! I’ll post some of these pictures in my board, but I’ll upload to my own server and I’ll put a link to your site.
    I emailed you last week wondering if we could affiliate, I hope you’ll be able to reply me :)

    Congrats, you have a beautiful website :)

  3. Great pics. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Maria says:

    @Lu: That is fine. I must not have gotten your email. Please go to and fill out the form on there. Thanks :)

  5. fredlyon says:

    Who is the guy driving the car ?

  6. noir says:

    Wow her hair’s short, and she looks so tiny next to that car!

    But wonderful pic, she’s beautiful as usually…

  7. J says:

    fredlyon, the guy driving the car is most likely the hired driver. Most studios/producers hire drivers to take stars to and from the set and between shooting locations.

  8. Elle says:

    Subperb actress and indeed beautiful,she’s my favorite actress.

  9. Houston says:

    Listen. Do not have an opinion while you listen because frankly, your opinion doesn?t hold much water outside of Your Universe. Just listen. Listen until their brain has been twisted like a dripping towel and what they have to say is all over the floor.

  10. Albert says:

    daite na pivok

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