Day: April 4, 2008

‘Public Enemies’ status

Public Enemies – starring none other than Johnny Depp and currently filming in the US mid west – continues to attract great acting talents. Apparently, Billy Crudup – who played Marion’s husband in Big Fish – joined the cast to play former FBI director J. Edgar Hoover.

Back when the set was in Columbus this blog used to be a great source of news & updates reporting straight from where it was all happening and the blog continues to bring us all the latest info on what’s happening on the film’s set. Check out other links provided by JV in the comments section of a previous post here on this site. There was no mention of Marion Cotillard apart from an IMDB user reporting she did some interior scenes in a mansion with Johnny on the Thursday before the Easter weekend and claiming she didn’t come out the greet the crowds because she was cold from having been scantily dressed all day during shooting. Also a French gossip site reported that Marion then was able to take a few days off (probably over the Easter weekend) to come home to Paris, where she was spotted at a concert.

There are many comments about the making of the film, about Johnny Depp and also about the story behind the film – the true story of Dillinger – but finding information about Marion’s current involvement proves to be a bit more difficult. So if you come across any additional information don’t hesitate to comment here on the site to let us all know about it!