‘Mon Clown’ on YouTube

Thanks to YouTube user CotillardAddict Marion Cotillard fans from all over the world are able to watch the very interesting ‘Mon Clown’ documentary.

They are unfortunately no longer available due to copyright claims. We will let you know as soon as we have new information on how we can watch this


18 Comments on “‘Mon Clown’ on YouTube”

  1. Such a great behind-the-scenes documentary. Marion is just so adorable.
    I hope this is released on dvd at some point. Would love to know what they were saying in the French-speaking parts.

  2. Thank you so much for posting these links! Wonderful program.

    I adore Marion. She’s such a warm and genuine person, and an amazing actress!

  3. Thank you Maria for the link, I have been looking around on the web the past weekend.
    Really lovely to see Marion in her own surrounding, love it very much.

  4. as they say in the credits at the end, her boyfriend Guillaume Canet sings the songs in the documentary, cute !!
    the scene on the morning of the Golden Globes is so funny !! When she’s talking about her bathroom

  5. The videos have been removed because of copyright. Darn! S.O.S to anyone who managed to record this, could you please upload it on some other site or send it to our lovely ladies at Magnifique Marion Cotillard? I managed to only watch the first 3 parts.

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