Vogue Italy – March

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  1. kelly says:

    Ahhh Maria you are my God! Thankyou!! :)

  2. piperpop says:

    Thank you Maria for Vogue scan. Interesting composition. colours and graphic.
    Any body know how Marion’s fans outside France can have an opportunity to watch
    Mon Clown on line somewhere. Thank you!

  3. Elenitahb says:

    Thank you so much!! And god, she is so beautiful!
    I love, LOVE the photoshoot! ♥

  4. spark says:

    the vedio pleease
    there are some vedio in canal + site but those have already been seen i mean not new
    any one tapped ??

  5. Otaviano says:

    Impecável, comovente, transformadadora! Marion Gotillard é o máximo da competência como atriz. Parabéns! Assist Piaf por 3 vezes e quero assistir mais alguams.
    Otaviano, Brasil.

  6. eegah says:

    Anyone have any idea if the full documentary will be on the internet soon? I’D LOVE TO SEE IT.

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