Glamour April & more

Some more scans. This time from the French Glamour – where Marion is gracing the cover on the April issue. Nothing really new inside. It’s a report about the public events she attended before the Oscars. Although the picture with the byline ‘a true US star’ is actually from the 6th Marrakech International Film Festival that took place back in December 2006 – even from before La Vie en Rose had its world premiere…

Then a fabulous photoshoot that was published on the day of the Oscars in the Los Angeles Times. I actually did my best to attempt a good quality scan of the oversized newspaper article but I’m afraid it could be better. Finally, I’ve added 2 clippings from German magazines Welt and Bild sent in by Benjamin. Many thanks!

07 Glamour (France) – April
01 Los Angeles Times (US) – February 24
02 Various Clippings 2008


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