Day: March 7, 2008

Making Headlines – Part 2

Regarding the title… I only have Marion Cotillard’s recent wins at the César and Academy Awards ceremonies in mind. Here the promised scans – most of them are of publications that feature Marion Cotillard’s name if not also her picture on the cover: Elle (March 3), Le Figaro Magazine (March 1), France Dimanche (February 29), Point de Vue (February 27), and Los Angeles Times (February 25).

Mariana sent in a scan of British Night & Day of Marion’s BAFTA win – and I’ve added some other miscellanous scans as well to the Clippings album.

Thanks to Mimi we also have scans of VSD. Many thanks! The article reports that Marion apparently declined a publicity contract for a famous cosmetics brand – because it is on Greenpeace’s black list.

You rock my life

A very talented artist recently created a mural in Los Angeles – depicting Marion Cotillard’s happy moment at the Oscars and featuring the quote ‘You rock my life Olivier’ – which is how she was thanking La Vie en Rose director during her acceptance speech.

She certainly is rocking our life too! To let her know that a few of the site’s visitors have decided to leave short messages in the forum that I will put together in one letter and send off to Marion’s represantatives. Do you want to let Marion know how much you value her work as an actress? Then head over to the forum and add your (brief) message! Deadline: Wednesday, March 12.