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Mar 2008
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I bought tons of French magazines featuring Marion Cotillard when I was at my local newstand yesterday. Scans etc to follow tomorrow. First some exciting news about Marion’s next French project. We now know the title for the ‘Karim Dridi Project’: according to the latest French Elle issue the title is ‘Le Dernier Vol de Lancaster’:

And, as far as French [“hexagonal”] cinema is concerned, we will have to wait for the beginning of 2009, that is when “the little French mermaid”, as she is nicknamed on the other side of the Atlantic, is going to shoot “Le Dernier Vol de Lancaster” (Lancaster’s last flight) under the direction of Karim Dridi (director of “Pigalle”, “Bye Bye”…). “It’s a romance movie like we don’t do them anymore,” the happy director reveals to us. “A marvellous adventure in the Sahara desert during the 30s. Marion’s character will fall in love with an handsome Méhariste [A méhara is a camel, a méhariste is a (often nomad) camel-mounted soldier of the French army during the time of colonisation…] who could be played by, I dream about it, Guillaume Canet!” But how did he manage to convince France’s new darling? “She fell for this love story and like “La Vie En Rose” it’s an “auteur” film but with a strong commercial potential. Like Piaf who achieved international sucess without forgetting her roots, Marion wants and needs to work at home as well. It’s up to the producers to be ambitious, to offer her big subjects, artistic movies, a cinema that enables her to express her talent. In short, to attract her, you’ll have to take risks!” concludes the director.

Thanks Delsa for this translation! Add to this Marion’s enthusiastic comments about the project – such as “I have an amazing beautiful project in France” – and I can’t wait for this film to be released! Which will probably be late 2009 or 2010….

  • sus
    Posted on March 06, 2008

    Thank you for the news.

    This movie must be beautiful. I’m glad that Marion is the protagonist, and I hope Guillaume Canet is another protagonist, he is one of the best actors of the French cinema, and I believe that he is perfect for the movie. I am thrilled, Marion again in the French cinema and with a great story. I loved!!!

    Thank you

  • Angelina1322
    Posted on March 06, 2008

    WOW, this project sounds amazing! I am so hoping Guillaume Canet could participate in this, it would be lovely if they were in a film together again. They make a lovely couple.

    Thank you for all your work on the website!

  • dims
    Posted on March 08, 2008

    that would e great if guillaume did this film with her. but why is he mentioned in this article? i didnt understand. whose dream is it guillaume to play in the film?the person who wrote the article?it confused me…

  • Maria
    Posted on March 08, 2008

    The reference to G.C. is within the quoted part – so I’m attributing the dream to the film’s director Karim Dridi.

  • dims
    Posted on March 08, 2008

    ohhh merci maria pour la clarification 😉

    so if it is his dream and he is the director maybe it is not that

    but i assume Guillaume would want to stay away from publicity like that… glad this director likes them together and apparently appreciate both as actors 🙂

  • chesnutsy
    Posted on March 14, 2008

    i hope they’ll release some english subtitles for it. or show it on US cinema. =0 i can’t understand a word of french! But i love marion and guillame would be PERFECT for her.

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