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on 1 Jan, 1970

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Over a year ago, during a French TV show called ‘Paris Première – Paris Dernière’ that aired on February 16, 2007 the show’s host Xavier de Moulins asked La Vie en Rose Make-Up artist Didier Lavergne about the death of his friend Coluche in 1986. Didier explains how he witnessed the incident from just a few meters away and how he came to doubt the official story that it was simply a stupid accident. Afterwards, they asked Marion Cotillard about her opinion. Her answer was elusive on the Coluche matter but included her take on conspiracy theories in general. To summarize, she is not believing everything she’s being told but is neither convinced of all the existing conspiracy theories – although being fascinated by them. During the informal discussion she cautiously states that she would rather carefully examine any conspiracy theory than automatically embrace the general opinion and tells about a specific documentary she’s watched. Here follows a French transcript and an English translation by Mariana.

Remember, she does not deny the horror of 9/11 nor that it happened. And nothing indicates what Marion Cotillard truly believes.

Moi, j’ai tendance, j’ai tendance à être plutôt souvent de l’avis la théorie du complot. (T’es parano?) Pas parano. Non, non, ce n’est pas parano. Parce que je pense qu’on nous ment sur énormément de choses. (Ouais.) Coluche, le 11 septembre, tout ça. On peut voir sur internet tous, tous les films qui enfin… du 11 septembre sur, sur la théorie du complot. C’est passionnant. C’est même addictif à un moment. (Tenons le 11 septembre, par exemple, qu’est-ce qui t’a toi le plus troublé concrètement?) On te montre que d’autres tours du même genre ayant pris des avions, ayant brûlé… Il y a une tour, je crois que c’est en Espagne qui a brûlée pendant 24 heures. (Avant de s’effondrer…) Elle ne s’est jamais effondrée! Aucune de ces tours ne s’effondre. Et là, en quelques minutes, quoi, le truc s’effondre. Et puis moi après, après ça on va en parler longuement puisqu’il y avait, parce que c’était bourré d’or, les tours du 11 septembre. Et puis c’était un gouffre à thunes parce qu’elles ont été terminées, il me semble, en 73 et pour recâbler tout ça, pour le mettre à l’heure de toute la technologie et tout, c’était beaucoup plus cher de faire des travaux etc. que de les détruire… Est-ce que l’homme a vraiment marché sur la lune? Moi, j’ai vu pas mal de documentaires là-dessus et ça, vraiment je m’interroge. Mais, en tout cas, je ne crois pas tout ce qu’on me dit, ça c’est sûr.

I have a tendency to often share the point of view of the conspiracy theory. (Are you paranoid?) No, no, it’s not a paranoid thing. Because I think that we are told lies about lots of things. (Yeah.) Coluche, 9/11, all that. We can watch on the internet all the films that, well… about 9/11 about, about the conspiracy theory. It’s fascinating. It’s even addictive after a while. (Let’s take 9/11, for example, what did disturb you more concretly?) You are shown that other towers of the same kind that were hit by planes, that burnt… There is a tower, I think that it’s in Spain that burnt for 24 hours. (Before collapsing…) It never collapsed! None of these towers collapsed. And, over there, in a few minutes, the thing collapses. And, then, after that, we’ll talk lengthily about it because there was, because the thing was filled with gold, the towers from 9/11. And then it was a money sucker because they were finished, it seems to me, in ’73, and to update all that, to modernise all the technology and everything, it was much more expensive to have work done etc than destroying them. Did man walk on the moon? I’ve seen quite a lot of documentaries about it and I ask myself. But, in any case, I don’t believe everything that I’m told, that’s for sure.

Cotillard could not be reached Sunday but her lawyer, Vincent Toledano, told AFP she had “never intended to contest nor question the attacks of September 11, 2001, and regrets the way old remarks have been taken out of context.”

When I came online a few hours ago I was deeply shocked. Not only were there many disrespectful comments about Marion Cotillard here on the site but I had also received countless emails insulting both me and Marion Cotillard. Is it any wonder that we have wars in this world when people rush to make such harsh comments after reading something they don’t like or agree with?

Once again this is proof that more often than not the media will dig up anything to defame a successful person. Despite being under intense scrutiny for months during the awards season Marion Cotillard has proven to be a down-to-earth and nice celebrity in addition to being super-talented. After her Oscar win it is typical that it is this part of the 50 minute-interview that is being taken out of context and blown out of proportion instead of e.g. her stand on ecological matters. I’m all for freedom of speech but I will be deleting any disrespectful comments here on the site. You might not agree with Marion Cotillard but that is no reason to become insulting! This is a place to promote Marion’s work and not where one can engage in heated discussions about conspiracy theories.

Sara Amelia:
As a former co-web here, and a huge Marion fan and now, supporter (as unfortunately, we must now be placed into that category), I would most definitely like to publically have my say. Maria has kindly let me add my opinion to this post, and I thank her for that. First and foremost, I want to come to Maria’s defense and aid here. To see the absolutely horrific comments she’s received is by far disgusting, and I’m appalled to see how pathetic people are. As human beings, we’re allowed to speak our minds, talk theories, and feel safe to do so. Unfortunately, for a country that preaches the allowance of freedom of speech, an immediate red flag raises when someone says something a little out of the box. Maria has done a beautiful job with this site, covering the career of a absolutely fantastic actress, and even more so, a truly wonderful person. In no way, should she or Marion be put down or bashed for what they do or say. We need to learn to love, and be accepting to those, instead of sheltering ourselves from what we’d rather not hear.

What I ask, from you, the person reading this right now.. is to rise above and realize that Marion, or Maria, has not killed anyone. They have not held a gun to your head, or threatened your life. Should we really concern ourselves with a comment said over a year ago that now seems to be an issue? Or should we really be concerned about the real issues, right in our own backyard? Have we not learned anything at all from the Dixie Chicks? Were we not apalled by the actions of our fellow people, for going so far as to give death threats? Let’s not allow that to happen once again.

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Thank you Sara Amelia and Maria. I am so sick of all these trashy media like the Daily Mail in the UK. They love to dragged people down just to sell newspapers worst than rats.

Mar 03, 08 at 1:25 am


I just wanted to say that I love your site and I come here everyday for my Marion news. I’m sorry that you have to suffer mean comments from rude and ignorant people…I hope that doesn’t deter you from running this site. There are many people who really appreciate it!

It’s also very sad that the media (and the French media at that!) is searching for old information and taking it out of context just to drag Marion down in her time of success. I know this will blow over and have no affect on her career but it’s sad how we build people up to tear them down.

Mar 03, 08 at 1:34 am

Thank you, ladies. This has been a very strange, disappointing, gossip-laden day. It is amazing how far sensationalist pieces created to outrage and offend can travel, and in warp speed. The fact that somewhat respected forums (like the LA Times’ “The Envelope”) are taking the original tabloid at its word, and not even questioning the motive or timing of this story, is the most disappointing turn of events. Even more shameful is the trigger-happy response of many people who are so filled with hate and nastiness that they’ve taken comments completely taken out of context as a basis for insulting and dehumanizing not just Cotillard, but her fans.

Keep up the excellent work, Maria and Sara Amelia. I applaud you.

Mar 03, 08 at 1:39 am


Unfortunately its another day in French bashing America but keep your chin up , you have a great site.
Just think theses people were NEVER fans of Marion to start off with and were probably part of the freedom fries movement lol so they are not worth being upset for.

Mar 03, 08 at 1:51 am

So true Oliver! lol. Next week, they won’t even remember who Marion Cotillard is because they”ll be clinging on to the next person to hate on.

Mar 03, 08 at 1:58 am

Thank you for this. This is just one of the saddest things I have seen recently. It is so unfortunate that people will muckrake and twist peoples’ words. Being *interested* in conspiracy theories is not the same as preaching them. And, even if she had, what is it to us? We all have our opinions. I am glad that Marion is informed and has intellectual pursuits. I don’t agree with the conspiracy theories, but I don’t fault Marion for being interested in them. They are fascinating.

It is so sad that some of my fellow Americans have such a strong anti-French knee-jerk reaction. But, let us not get too bogged down by this news. This too shall pass, and Marion will rise above the mess with her effortless integrity and great talent. Tomorrow, there will be another celebrity to bash. I don’t think Marion will suffer too greatly for this. Hell, even Isiah Washington is still out there and making movies. And he is 110% less likable than Marion.

Mar 03, 08 at 2:21 am


Seriously don’t get too upset, or dramatic about this. It will blow over and it probably not the worst thing that will ever be written about her. She’s just won the Oscar, she’s high profile at the moment, another month and she’ll be forgotten about; it’ll be someone else.

Mar 03, 08 at 2:34 am


What upsets me the most, apart from the French turning against their own star, of whom they were sooo proud a few days ago, is that Marion’s genuine happiness was spoiled by the stupid reactions of so many people. She wasn’t allowed to enjoy the “adventure”, as she likes to call it, and it’s such a shame… I can think of no one who deserves it better than her.

Mar 03, 08 at 2:37 am


As annoying as all this unnecessary controversy is (and the immature reactions by some), I don’t think it’s going to last. It will blow over like Johnny Depp’s “U.S. puppy” comments. The internet is really the only place overreacting over this. I guess it must have been a slow news day in Britney Spears Land.

Mar 03, 08 at 3:12 am


It’s more than the internet; it’a all over the Media in the UK and France, and will prob spread to the USA. Your right though, this will blow over.

Mar 03, 08 at 3:26 am


I wonder what reporter was assigned to specifically dig up dirt on her. If this was the worst they could find, I’d say she’s in pretty good shape.

Mar 03, 08 at 3:31 am

Taking free speech out of context is what we all do, in matters both trivial and critical. Misrepresentation is an inherent disease of the media, but for those celebrities who expose themselves to the media, the onus is to comment through a format that cannot be misrepresented, or else make no comment at all. Perhaps receiving an oscarpositions oneself in the arena for public comment and scrutiny, perhaps not. Perhaps her comments were based on a lack of understanding, perhaps not. Conspiracy to promote contraversy? Perhaps not. Perhaps this comment will get printed with the others, perhaps not.

Mar 03, 08 at 3:54 am


Why is she so eager to believe in these conspiracy theories anyway? I’m sorry but it is telling that she so readily believes the worse about the U.S. America is a wonderful country that has its faults like any other country including her beloved France.

Mar 03, 08 at 4:01 am


Before that they were talking about conspiracy in France allso but they didnt show that on the video of course.

Mar 03, 08 at 4:36 am


Last I checked, she never “denied” that the tragedy occurred or that people died. She just questioned the WHY and the WHO behind it. I’m still waiting for someone to be kind enough to give an english transcript because I’m guessing the whole “money sucker” and demolition thing was… a translation mixup. Nevertheless, doesn’t matter what she believes about who caused the attacks, the tragedy of 3000 people dying isn’t a tragedy only if Muslim terrorists caused it. IF an alternate explanation is ever found, it will still remain a terrible tragedy.

Mar 03, 08 at 6:16 am


It is amazing what people will say and what people will print to get into the news. I don’t doubt that some of her words may have been “slightly” mixed up in translation. I highly doubt that the translation was mixed up so badly that the general interpretation of her conspiracy theory was wrong. She should definitely stick to acting and leave the conspiracy theories to the Umberto Eco’s of the world. It’s a sad day for her because she is being criticised for making random theory assumptions…imagine how sad of a day it will be when her conspiracy theory is proved wrong (lol).

Mar 03, 08 at 6:51 am


Thank you Maria and Sara Amelia. Marion is fantastic and you too.

Mar 03, 08 at 7:12 am

I saw the intreview in its suit before it is all this debate there and NOTHING shocked me. People take a piece of sentence and make whole history… And then even each its opinions and they have all of questionings under pretext that she is media they plant it! Anything

Mar 03, 08 at 7:29 am

Before jumping to conclusions, are calling Marion anti-American.. why not watch the video, or wait for the direct translation Maria and I are working on getting.
I think for the most part, the negative comments are absolutely misinformed. I highly doubt a single one of the hateful commentors, took the time to read this entire post. Stay mad, fine. If that’s what thrills you.. but the truth is the truth.

Mar 03, 08 at 7:54 am


So what if Marion Cotillard has a few radical views? Even if you don’t agree with them she’s both entitled to have them and to express them, even if some defensive Americans don’t think so!! The comments have definitely been taken out of context and have been made to look at their very worst by parts of the media. I don’t know about you, but I like Marion Cotillard even more now than I did a few days ago, lol, and I hope that she isn’t forced to retract her words to salvage her Hollywood career (and if she does, I’ll like her the less for it). Good for her for having strong views and being prepared to express them.



Mar 03, 08 at 9:40 am


I am rather shocked that the French media has a similar take on these issues as the American media does. I know in our country the “political correctness” issue is spiraling out of control, but in France? Is it so wrong for people to express their opinions? But I suppose this was inevitable. The media will always look for stories on someone as famous as Marion, and this smelly tabloid gossip will be enough to boost circulation for a few days. On my part I have to say that I rather agree with her, but what is clear is that she isn’t denying that these events happened. She is just questioning the establishment and that is a practical approach.

P.S. I’m American, so I don’t think her view has anything to do with a French person believing a bad thing about the U.S.

Mar 03, 08 at 9:49 am


Maria and Sara Amelia: thanks for your support to Marion and for the incredible work you put in this website.
As a French person, it’s really comforting to see that some people are able to see beyond what is written in some trash newspapers. Your translation of what Marion said is very good and shows very well that there was absolutely no anti-American comment in what she said.
It’s no consolation but I can tell you that the French magazine Marianne responsible for this mess has received something like 600 messages protesting against what they’ve written. It seems that they have committed suicide! 95% of the people who wrote said they were absolutely gutted with the magazine. Hope it will cost them dearly: that was no journalism, only pure defamation!
Marion, courage dans cette épreuve, on t’aime!!!

Mar 03, 08 at 10:07 am


Why was my post deleted? I didn’t swear at all. It was appropriate and on topic. And it wasn’t spam, so I don’t understand why it was deleted.

Mar 03, 08 at 10:17 am

I can’t remember what your comment was about. I must confess I am rather quick in deleting comments. In addition to posts containing swearing I also deleted comments that are only dealing with conspiracy theories.

Mar 03, 08 at 10:48 am


Re. the Coluche thing, let me explain: Coluche was a very talented and very popular comedian. He was also very harsh with politicians ( François Mitterand was the president at this time). After criticizing Mitterand’s politic, he decided one day that he would run as a candidate for the presidential election, and got all the support he needed to do so. Unfortunately he died in a motorbike accident shortly after he expressed his desire to be a candidate… the circumstances of the accident are really not clear. In addition, during the Mitterrand years, a few other people linked to the president also died in very strange circumstances, hence the theory that Coluche didn’t die so accidentally…

Mar 03, 08 at 10:49 am


Someone should create a subtitle version of the video and post it on youtube.

Mar 03, 08 at 7:37 pm

Fortunately the transcript and the translation are being useful! Like what people said before, Marion doesn’t deny that 9/11 happened. She simply says that she’s not sure that the towers would have collapsed on their own after they were hit by the planes. And it doesn’t mean that she doesn’t believe in it either. She’s simply talking about conspiracy theories that she’s seen on the internet and that she’s fascinated by them because in many cases we don’t know half the truth about things.If she’s “anti-American” (which she’s not), then she’s “anti-French” too because she implied that Coluche’s death was maybe a conspiracy. It doesn’t have anything to do with a country or a population in general. It’s about the truth that is often hidden by the government and other organisations. It’s about conspiracy theory, whether we believe in them or not.

Mar 03, 08 at 7:51 pm


Sissy you’re wrong :
“After criticizing Mitterand’s politic, he decided one day that he would run as a candidate for the presidential election, and got all the support he needed to do so. Unfortunately he died in a motorbike accident shortly after he expressed his desire to be a candidate… the circumstances of the accident are really not clear”

Coluche decided to run for the presidential election in 1981 and at first it was much a joke as to show how the politicians of every sides weren’t good for the minorities. So call for every minorities, and more (the lazy, the dirty, the addict, the alcoholic, the gay, the women, the younger, the older, the blacks, the arabs, the french, the crazy,….) to vote for him at the 1981 presidential election. (FYI Giscard was president, Mitterand won the election). It worked so well, that the survey gave him 16% of the previsionnal votes few weeks before the election. But he decided to retire when the governement asked the medias to blacklist him, and when he (unofficially) received death threath.
In September 1985 he created “Les restos du coeur – Heart’s Restaurants” (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Restaurants_du_C%C5%93ur ) to distribute free food to the poorest. Coluche pleaded for the Restos’ cause at the European Parliament in February 1986 after learning that surplus products cost more to store than to distribute for free to the poor; his plea was heard and the surplus was opened in 1987 to four organisations.
Coluche died in june 1986.
In France, voted in 1988, the loi Coluche (“Coluche law”) innovated by permitting small donors (the most numerous) to benefit from the same tax breaks as big donors. Its last amendment permits donors to get a tax break of 75% for a donation of up to 470€.
Some of his famous quotes :
I’ll quit politics when politicians quit comedy – they steal my job, I steal theirs.
God said: let’s share. The rich will get enough to eat, and the poor will have appetite.
Just because there are so many of them being wrong doesn’t mean they’re right.
I’m not a nouveau riche, I’m a former poor.
France has the best French politicians in the world!
The speed of light is faster than the speed of sound, which is why sometimes people look bright until they start talking.
I’m following two diets simultaneously because with only one I wasn’t getting enough to eat.
One half of the politicians can’t do anything, the other half would do anything.
Capitalism is man exploiting man. Socialism is just the opposite.
I am able of best and worst, but in the worst I am the best!

Mar 03, 08 at 7:57 pm


It’s funny how you post that freedom of speech is controlled by Americans and such (Paraphrasing) Yet you are the soul judge and just for what people are posting on your comments. Personal attacks are by no means acceptable and I did not attack anyone personally. Just expressed my opinion of her comments. Perhaps I should have listened to the interview first. So my bad, but equally your bad for censoring a contrary opinion.

Mar 03, 08 at 8:11 pm

I am a big fan of miss Cotillard. One of the best acttress I have seen in years and I have been around for a while. She also seems like a very sweet unspoiled peraon. Like they say, if you cant say something nice about somebody,SHUT UP.

Mar 03, 08 at 8:18 pm


Thanks for the information!! I think is a misunderstan…Marion We love u and maria thanks for you work

Mar 03, 08 at 8:34 pm


First, I just want to say that I love your website! It’s an excellent source of news and info on Marion, and your efforts in running it are very much appreciated.

This is my first time posting here, and I feel compelled to do so now because it has greatly upset me to see this negative backlash towards Marion all over the Internet. I’ll admit, I’m a relatively new fan of hers, but from what I have learned about her, she seems very friendly and down to earth, and she is clearly very talented. I was so excited for her when she won her Oscar…the sincerity of her speech was truly heartwarming. And it’s unfair that what should be a time of celebration for her will unfortunately be ruined now.

I appreciate the English transcript of the comments that Marion made, and hopefully by reading it people will realize that Marion’s comments have been twisted around by the media and have been taken entirely out of context. We should be focusing on Marion’s remarkable talent as an actress, not some comments that she made over a year ago. I am looking forward to seeing her upcoming work in Public Enemies and Nine and am sure she will be great.

Mar 03, 08 at 9:56 pm


What I don’t get is why Marion would make comments regarding conspiracy theories in the first place. Marion, you want to work in Hollywood, CA, you wnat to enduce Americans to spend their money on your films, if these are things you want, maybe you should have engaged your mind before your mouth. If you want respect, first you have to give it. It is not that Americans necessarily hate the French, it is simply that We hate the derrogitory comments made by your countrymen and women about us. Yet when those same comments are thrust back, we are evil, stupid Americans. I have been to France, I speak a little French, (along with some German and Spanish), so I don’t hold that we all believe that everyone should speak our language. However, when I went to your country, I spoke only a little French, I was treated with disrespect and contempt. So why is it that we as Americans are considered to be rude and egocentric, (and yes I do believe there are those who are, but EVERY country will have those. What has upset most Americans with your comments is simply your lack of compassion for the some 3500 souls that were lost on 9/11. Maybe you should keep those opinions that are hurtful to others to yourself if you don’t want hurtful comments to be aimed back at you. That is what is wrong with the world today, too many people “open mouth, insert foot, try to apologize or ‘clarify’ later.” On a lighter note, I have not seen the movie, but had planned to watch later this spring since I was looking forward to it.

Mar 03, 08 at 10:20 pm

From the press reports I read, it is easy to see that Ms. Cotillard is someone who thinks above the crowd, and is a great intellect. Like so many actors and actresses who we only know through stage and screen, Cotillard has shown herself to be of supreme intelligence. Her remarks and her defense of them give me renewed respect for those in the movie industry. Her educacted opinions are reflective of those of millions of Americans who remain unconvinced of the government’s account of the events of 9-11-2001.

Mar 03, 08 at 10:44 pm


Arrrrrrgh! Why are people so stupid? God, I hate when people overreact that way. With this mentality, I give humanity max 100 years left. Damn people are primitive and sad….
Anyway, Maria, love your site, and just ignore the lame comments and mails you receive.
Greetings from Denmark
– Ea

Mar 03, 08 at 10:57 pm

I’m having a hard time navigating this site but I think this might be where I can leave my comments. I had seen Marion Cotillard only once before in a movie called A Good Year. The movie was good. The acting was good. A few months later, I saw La Vie en Rose. I literally left the theatre after the movie, short of breath. I have never seen such an amazing job of acting in my entire life. She brought Edith Piaf to life for all of France and the rest of the world as well. I am so grateful to have seen that movie. Ever since I was a student at Notre Dame des Victories in San Francisco, I have loved the music and stories of Edith Piaf. Thank you, Marion Cotillard for a fabulous job of acting. You truly entered into the mind of Edith Piaf and for a time, you became her. I now want to see every movie you have made! Thank you, Marion Cotillard, thank you.

Mar 03, 08 at 11:26 pm


God, this is really getting out of hand. It’s so frustrating to read such reports, and the IMDb boards are full of hateful remarks about her. I really don’t get these people. Why do they enjoy twisting the meaning of her words, without even knowing the context ? Why is it easier to believe she was insulting the memory of the victims ? That portion of the interview was about far-fetched theories and she mentioned some of the things that were troubling her. That’s all ! Unfortunately, the video isn’t available anymore on youtube, the TV station Paris Premiere had copyright on it. With all this stupid scandal building around her, poor Marion must think she would have been better off without the Oscar and all this attention… I wonder what’s the atmosphere on the set of “Public Enemies”…

Mar 03, 08 at 11:35 pm


MARIA – just wanted to say that you’re doing an AMAZING job with this website, don’t let any of this B.S. floating around affect you personally.
But it is insane how much some Americans can’t stand someone questioning things. The headline for the story on TMZ.com alone made me stick to my stomach. Don’t know if this’ll affect her career in the US or not, but I’d love to see someone, say her next co-star Johnny Depp for instance, sticking up for her. However, that freedom fries -eating population of the US that’s eating this story up at the moment would never like anybody from France anyway. Me personally, I’d rather see her in French films than American ones, but obviously she wants to work in the U.S. right now, so let’s hope this’ll blow over. The tabloids need something new to talk about, where’s Britney when you need her?

Mar 04, 08 at 12:26 am


Marion has talked with Access Hollywood:

“My statements on that program have been taken completely out context and been crafted into a story that has no merit,” Cotillard told Access.

Marion stressed to Access her deep apologies regarding her statements, saying, “At no point did I intend to contest the horrific attacks of September 11, 2001, one of the most tragic days in all of history. Nonetheless, I sincerely regret if my comments offended or hurt anyone.”

Mar 04, 08 at 12:54 am


Hello, my name is Tina and I am 24 year old from the United States. I have never really taken the time to write anything like this but I felt that I needed to. After seeing the move “La Vie En Rose” many months ago I instantly became a fan of Marion Cotillard. I was thrilled to see all the accolades bestowed upon her recently because of her performance in this film. As you can imagine I was thrilled with her win at the Academy Awards. Overnight it seems there was a firestorm of controversy about some old comments made by Marion about the attacks of 9/11. While I don’t completely agree with her opinion on this matter I have become disgusted by the way the people and the media have been treating Marion. It is absolutely ridiculous to spew hatred towards someone who expressed an opinion. Whether you agree with this opinion or not, I believe we have been seeing a complete overreaction. I am an American and I am also a huge fan of Marion Cotillard. Like I said, seeing her performance in “La Vie En Rose” was astonishing and since then I was able to see many more of her films and have really enjoyed all of them. I don’t know if there is anyway you could pass on my message to her or anyone she works for but I hope she knows that many people still support her and the wonderful work she does!

Thank you,

Mar 04, 08 at 3:57 am


Maria, I support Marion now more than ever!. I’m really disgusted how things have gone. The imdb boards are full of hate messages and my replys doesnt make any difference. It’s a sad week for Marion’s fans. We really need to support her now more than ever.

Mar 04, 08 at 4:03 am


Hope the storm will calm down quickly. Sad situation really. Beyond what is happening to Marion, it shows how the medias can manipulate people. It’s getting very worrying. People seem to have lost the ability to think and to analyze. Sad world!

Mar 04, 08 at 9:23 am

This is my website. It’s purpose is not necessarily an objective report on matters happening in this world. Its purpose is to pay tribute to an actress and her work – without being totally fanatic and only post favourable things about her.

However, I don’t see why I should allow comments that ask people to boycott Marion, say that she doesn’t have a brain or worse – nor do I support French (or US for that matter) bashing. This has NOTHING to do with a country. I’m also not approving any comment that tries to tie this event to world War II.

1) Marion voiced a general opinion – not something against the US or its government in particular. She questioned the ‘official’ account we receive of events – the French incident Coluche, the US event 9/11…. And how there are many conspiracy theories surrounding incidents like these. This is true, it is a fact that there are people out there trying to figure out what really happened. By denying that you don’t make these ideas disappear. You don’t have to believe them. Although, in my opinion we’ll never be able know the absolute truth of things. I mean, even when my boss tells me what happened at a business meeting I don’t believe everything she tells me – and I’m not bashing or hating her. I actually admire her.

2) Since Marion did not really support any one theory or official account I am not allowing any comment of people that simply come here to either defend the official account or state what really happened. So it is going both ways. This is a fansite for an actress – if you want to discuss 9/11 there are many many many places all over the internet to do so!

It is a lot easier to simply come here and add your comment than go to the forum and actually lead a discussion with other people. As I’ve stated above the comments field this is a possibility. I’ve had this site for almost 2 years now and especially in the last few months I’ve been spending a tremendous amount of time updating it (in my free time, in addition to my regular work). So that is when I would have preferred people to leave their comments!

Mar 04, 08 at 9:27 am


Maria, I’m complety of course.

Thank you for the website, thank you for your hard work, and thank you for support her.

I support Marion now more than ever. too!!! She’s amazing!!!

Mar 04, 08 at 9:35 am


je suis fan de votre site qui est superbe! Quant au problème qui secoue actuellement l’ opinion, je préfère attendre les explications de Melle Cotillard, je l’aime comme actrice et je ne veux pas la juger sur le privé.

Mar 04, 08 at 10:20 am

People are stupid, really stupid sometimes !
Don’t listen to them, your fansite is amazing, girls !

Mar 04, 08 at 5:07 pm

le soudanais

Marion is right to ask some questions. Not many people still believe in the official version of 9/11. I don’t understand why French media are bashing her on that like that, it’s easier than questionning politicians on their job I guess. Lot’s of people, mainly Americans, are trying to get the truth out on 9/11, Charlie Sheen just to name one, he’s still finding movies, no big deal. It’s not anti american to question 9/11, it’s the essence of being American to act as such. Marion, courage, te laisse pas faire, ce qui t’arrive c’est dégueulasse, ça va passer, mais on pense à toi. Merci.

Mar 04, 08 at 5:53 pm

Paul Barbara

I have not yet seen your film, but I’m a fan of Edith Piaf (who isn’t?) and I will watch your film when I have the opportunity.
I welcome the fact that you find the ‘Official Conspiracy Theory’ questionable; and you are certainly not being disrespectful to the victims or their friends and relations – check the ‘Jersey Girls’ site – they all lost their husbands in the attacks, and they don’t believe the US Government line for one minute.
And, Maria, please remember the Media has an agenda; many of my friends have posted supportive posts in the UK media, but they have not been printed.
I am very much a Francophile, but unfortunately my French is not good. !Vive La France! !Vive la Verite! !Vive Marion Cottilard!
Paul Barbara, London UK

Mar 04, 08 at 10:30 pm

Kit van Cleave

There is an interesting discussion now on the WASHINGTON POST.com “CELEBRiTOLOGY” section. The columnist was even a little queasy about introducing the whole topic, and was reasoned in doing so. Moreover, there was little of this namecalling that has gone on; people who responded were generally thoughtful in their remarks, and very few thought this would in any way harm Marion’s career. Also the LA TIMES “Envelope” section carried a poll asking the public if they thought this issue would harm Marion’s ability to work. A little over 50% said “no” and about 26% said “yes.” But what was really interesting was the other 24% was split between the two options: “WHO?” and “I don’t care.” That raises the “no” to 76%. As some have mentioned, with leading actors on the A List touting Scientology (which I personally consider a cult) who is going to care about Marion’s year-old ruminations about political events? So I’m feeling better about it all today, though I haven’t changed my sympathy with Mlle. Cotllard. As to Keith Olbermann’s unacceptable slash at Marion on MSNBC (now on youtube.com), I can only say that that’s why his numbers are down in viewership; the man has no credibility and gets “cute” without considering the fallout. A typical “airhead” (so named because all the viewer sees is the head, and these people are not reporters but just read off a teleprompter.) Anyway, there are fewer references to the matter on the Net this morning.

Mar 05, 08 at 12:37 pm


To be honest, I couldn’t tell you what movies Marion has been in, or if I’ve even seen them. I am however a truth seeker, and would like to thank Marion for being an honest individual. I would like to thank her for, when asked about a touchy topic, did not hesitate and think “what will this do to my career” as most Americans would, but instead raising some very important questions.

It is disheartening that the interview is only brought to the public now, as a vendictive tool, instead of as an enlightening moment that could be used to open the minds of many.

I am an American, and sadly our society jumps to the defense of our country even though it’s not our country that is being insulted, it’s our government. It’s outrageous that Americans are quick to hand out criticism to the Iraq war and Bush (as we should!!) but when the same people are questioned about 9/11 it becomes personal. Because it is personl. And because it is personal we should be questioning JUST LIKE THE NEW YORK FIREFIGHTERS – why was evidence hastily removed and dumped (this should raise a red flag for any cop or detective…or anyone who’s seen JFK), why were there only ONE blackbox recovered, but a terrorists PAPER passport survives, demolitian specialists all over the world were on the edge of their seats when footage was aired….the world realized that there was something scarey happening here, only half the world realized just HOW terrifying the situation was. Slowly more and more people become overwhelmed with the FACTS versus the media presented explanations.

Though we disagree with the actions of our leaders, our allegiance still lies with them, and it’s sad. It’s pretty hypocritical. Leaders elected by the electoral college rather than popular vote dictate our liberties. And this country doesn’t raise an eyebrow when the President breaks the law over a dozen times…even though the previous president was impeached for an personal allegation that had NO affect on this country’s economy/international relations/ect.

I apologize for the rant. Thank you Marion for being a model human being. Please don’t back down – I understand it’s difficult to take such slander…as a truth seeker I encounter such indifference from not only strangers online, but my own friends, and family.

I look forward to viewing your films, congradulations on the awards, and Thank You for bringing attention to a subject otherwise buried by the press, I only wish it were under better circumstances for you and on your own terms.

Mar 05, 08 at 5:50 pm


I’m shocked at why everyone is so shocked at the media’s reaction. I mean what did you expect? The media are desperate to keep the truth hidden, that’s their job.

The media are paid for by corporations and are basically corrupt, no wonder they went at her like a pack of rabid dogs!

Are you not used to this by now?

I think the paranoid reaction is very revealing.

Concerning the media dogs:

“Me thinks the lady doth protest too much,”

Mar 06, 08 at 3:09 pm


I and other of Marion’s admirers have been battling the witchhunters on various websites. I was interested to see on the Ibmh (?) message boards how many people who were horribly insulting (and ignorant beyond belief) referred to themselves as conservatives and those who defended Marion as liberals. That underlines my prior argument, that the “freepers” (neoKKK types who stir up nonsense like this in the US all the time –e.g., against the Dixie Chicks) were involved in this matter. Remember Terry Schiavo? That’s the kind of stuff they get involved in. God knows why, but it’s almost always an embarrassment to the US, and comes to nothing except for a lot of hurt feelings by the innocent bystanders. I was also delighted to see how many other people came to Marion’s defense on a wide variety of message boards. The story is off the Huffington Post (where people were pretty nice), and the results reported to my e-mail are way down. Here’s hoping the “freepers” will get stirred up over the coming of Jesus, stem cell research, keeping immigrants out of America, legislating the US into a one-religion nation, and other such matters, and leave Marion to work.

Mar 06, 08 at 3:49 pm


Bravo for speaking out. Thousands wanted to support you on the Daily Mail website, but none of the comments were allowed on.

Vive la Revolution! 🙂

Mar 06, 08 at 5:21 pm


I think the translation and transcript should be put at the top so that the lazy ones couldn’t have the excuse of not having seen it…before they engage in bashing. I have a slightly different opinion but completely understand Marion’s doubts and above all. I realise that she NEVER said she believed those theories, insulted the memories of the people on this sad day, or even expressed any hate towards a country wether hers through the Coluche thing) or the US, the country of her sister-in-law, the country where she spent many months, where her brother lives…I’m disgusted by media and people. I’m beginning to turn into a misanthopist…

Mar 06, 08 at 6:26 pm


And I can’t help feeling VERY guilty because I naïvely posted the links to the extracts of the show when they were still on Youtube in the forum…How stupid have I been!…=[

Mar 06, 08 at 6:29 pm


Auxane, I understand you completely. During the past few days, I’ve been so disgusted by the outburst of violent comments, that I feel I’m turning into a misanthropist, too ! In moments like these, I feel I’m losing all faith in the goodness of people…
As a side note, I’m glad to know an Irish fan of Marion’s. I absolutely love your country !:)

Mar 06, 08 at 11:25 pm


Maria – Thank you for such a wonderful site! Sorry that people have written nasty e-mails. You run a class-act site. It’s a shame others cannot follow your fine example

Mar 07, 08 at 2:15 am


I am French, and I just want to make clear staffs that American may not understand in that vidéo. The way she says that on the vidéo was for me neither anti-american (anyway we know she loves America after all she has done to make films there) neither against the official theory. Just before she talks about 9/11 she talk about Coluche a very famous actor and humourist that died in an accident. (which was suspect for some people coz he was on run for France predidency, which was just a huge joke) but we all know the government was not behind an humourist death. so when she talk about The Coluche Theory it is obvious for everyone that she don’t believe it. I am not really clear lol , but to give an example. It is like she said
“I am interested in theories like Elvis is not dead, 9/ 11 conspiracy , or I don’t know, Marie Antoinette was actually a man before her operation.”
for me it really sounded like that. I don’t really know why they changed it in “I think bush is behind 9/11”
I also watched the video about 9/11 and found it addictive even tho I thought people behind this video are fucked up.

I spent a lot of time in the US and Sometimes I feel like some American make everything to think that France hates America, so they don’t feel racist when they hate us for no reason. !!
but sorry guys ! we love you ! (at least the 80% that don’t have that kind of reaction)

Anyway you site is great, I am so glad to see that some people here are fan of Marion ! I loved her for like ever!

just a question, I saw plenty of bio of Marion on US website; they never mention “love me if you dare” AKA “jeux d’enfants” they rather mention Taxi , a lame movie where she had a small role.
Was wondering why . Jeux D’enfant is my favourite movie 🙂

Mar 07, 08 at 8:02 am

Paul Barbara

Here is a link to ‘Times Online’ comments – these are (surprisingly, for a Murdoch paper) much more supportive –
Paul Barbara, London UK

Mar 08, 08 at 7:58 am


I think there is a difference between questioning what really happened that day and postulating that it was the work of the US govt in interest of saving money. I don’t believe that Marion loves the USA. Like all actors, she only wants to work in the country that has the largest movie industry in terms of capital and distribution reach not to mention the level of awards.

Mar 09, 08 at 8:15 am


This board isn’t even an accurate representation of what her fans feel afternews of this broke. By simply showing the comments that support the views of the webmasters, you are saying that a real fan is not allowed to feel hurt over what transpired.

Mar 09, 08 at 8:17 am

Amy: Let me just repeat that Marion did not say she believes this conspiracy theory (saving money on renovation etc) but is relating whas she’s seen in documentaris. She may or may not be believing it – she didn’t say. In addition, if all of this proves that she doesn’t really love the US – what do you say her opinion about France is? After all, the main topic was about a French conspiracy theory. Also the show’s format is that they let people say something and accelerate other parts. This part in particular features one such accelerated part if I remember correctly.

And this is not a board – it is a fansite built up by me alone and so it is my tribute to Marion and I have the right to decide which comments go through. If a comment doesn’t appear right away it doesn’t mean it won’t eventually. At the moment any comment left by someone that hasn’t previously commented is awaiting moderation. So it depends on how long it takes till I’m coming online again. Also there are quite a number of approved comments here on the site concerning this matter that I’m not agreeing with. And don’t claim to know what the rest would have said. No way they could have been left by fans!

Mar 09, 08 at 6:53 pm

Sometimes I think the (tabloid) media needs a real slapper. In fact, I’ve come to this conclusion increasingly often of late. I can’t say I’ve seen this interview (though I have read some English language transcripts), but I highly doubt someone as fresh a Hollywood face as Marion would be – dare I say it – stupid enough to make a highly flammable comment about as touchy and difficult a subject as 9/11 in public, and of all available media outlets certainly not on television. I suppose the media should be congratulated for another splendid job of once again wringing something a high-profile media persona has said completely out of context. On the other hand, the evidently (and willingly?) gullible, tabloid-hungry general public is in my opinion equally to blame for this whole matter being blown out of proportion; after all, gossip needs an audience in order to be heard and spread.

@Amy: I don’t want to make any assumptions as to whether Marion “loves America” – or not, as you suggested. I don’t think either of us know, really. However, if, as you say, Marion “only wants to work in the country that has the largest movie industry in terms of capital and distribution reach,” why in God’s name would she then bite the very hand that feeds her? A little common sense is in order here.

I hope Marion is able to overcome this on a personal as well as a professional level (provided there really is something to professionally overcome – which there shouldn’t be). I see this kind of twisting of information all the time, and it irks me to no end. Only the other day I came across literally hundreds of articles claiming Natalie Portman will only do “charity interviews” from now on; what she, in fact, said was that upon being interviewed she’d rather talk about her work for microfinance charity organization FINCA than what she’s wearing or who she’s dating. Does that mean she will only do “charity interviews” from now on? Um. Like. No. (Not to mention that the term “charity interview” is most ambiguous.) I mean, pretty harmless stuff compared to what the media has done to Marion’s statement, but it’s a prime example of how the celebrity media can’t be trusted.

In my opinion, anyone who believes Marion intentionally went public to make anti-American statements is actively seeking for malicious garbage-worthy gossip of this kind (and needs a slapper, hee). 😉

Mar 12, 08 at 9:52 pm


I know this comment is a long time after the original post, but after following a link here, I felt compelled to write something. Firstly, the notion that she was taken out of context or misquoted or “defamed by a tabloid” is absolutely absurd. The translation of her comments clearly indicates that she believes the Twin Towers were taken down by Americans who thought the World Trade Center was some outmoded finanacial institution needing replacement. She compares the collapse of the Twin Towers, which she cliams fell in minutes, to a tower (I don’t recall the exact one) in Europe that didn’t fall after burning 24 hours. It doesn’t take a genius to connect the dots. And to let her off the hook because “she didn’t deny the horror of 9/11” is just plain silly. She didn’t deny the horror, she merely claimed that Americans murdered 3,000 of their fellow citizens because they wanted to replace an old building.

Secondly, it always makes me laugh when sites like this claim we have to listen to her spout her drivel because of her right to free speech, yet we are not free to exercise our own rights when criticizing her stupidity. If she didn’t want to weather a firestorm of criticism, she should have kept her mouth shut. I have just as much right to call her an idiot as she has to defame individuals as mass-murderers.

And another reference that I found to be comical was the whole “she is a free speech martyr just like the Dixie Chicks” crap. No one censored the Dixie Chicks. Again, individuals are free to criticize idiots just as well as cowardly idiots are free to bash the United States on foreign soil. Private citizens decided not to buy their albums or attend their concerts; private radio stations made a business decision not to play their songs. Their rights were not trampled. And it is ridiculous to claim otherwise, unless you think appearing nude on the cover of Entertainment Weekly is somehow indicative of a widespread attempt to silence them. They were martyrs in their own mind and they need to see a psychiatrist concerning their prosecution complex.
Of course, in the end they ended up issuing a weak apology because they didn’t like the damage they had done to their careers, which is exactly why Marion Cotillard apologized. It was no act of contrition, rather she saw the potential damage to her career and decided to apologize to those that may have been offended.

Jan 19, 09 at 8:31 pm


In my post above, in the next to last paragraph it should read persecution complex, not prosecution complex.

Jan 19, 09 at 8:37 pm

You certainly have a right to voice your opinion Mark. And the tone of your comment is certainly different from what happened here on the iste at the time!

And of course nobody forces you to listen to her. That had partly been my point. Why digg up a random comment made in some TV programme that aired during the night on, I believe, cable more than a year earlier?! That was the only reason it was talked about all over the world and people were only then “forced” to listen to her.

Still, I continue to state that she was re-telling an existing theory she had seen. She admits to being fascinated and addicted to the theories, but never to actually believe them. She says “and I ask myself. But, in any case, I don’t believe everything that I’m told, that’s for sure.”

Feb 06, 09 at 11:55 am


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