Marion wins Czech Lion!

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  1. helluvagellar says:

    Oh, please move along with your insults.

  2. selma says:

    Congratulations!!! Im a fan living in Australia. You are beautiful, talented and intelligent enough not to believe everything reported in the media. Too often have they been proven to have lied especially the Bush Administration. We need to stand up for ourselves and stop others thinking on our behalf. As Chris above has proven, as soon as you dont agree with what America says, They attack you!! Keep up the excellent work, all the best, love from Australia.

  3. Jolie_Mome says:

    Hi ! Your website is amazing, you’re doing a great job….and don’t care about what some other say ! I’m looking for fans like you so as to have nice discussions about my passion….which is actually the Cinema….and particularly Marion, whose definietly the best…so if you’re interested in talking to me….you’vre got my e mail adress

    Thank you so much for what you’re doing

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