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Feb 2008
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First of all my apologies for all the downtime you are currently experiencing with the site. It is all because of the massive increase of visitors since Marion’s historical moment at the 80th Academy Awards. I hope the site’ll soon work a lot better again. I myself am still trying to get some much needed sleep here and there and am feeling totally out of my usual rhythm. But thinking

Feb 2008
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de Elle / par Florence Besson et Edouard Dutour Elle a tout raflé ou presque…De récompenses en tapis rouges, l’étoile de la « Môme » ne cesse de briller. Nous avons mené l’enquête : pourquoi Marion Cotillard enflamme-t-elle ainsi le public… et Hollywood ? Parce qu’elle en veut ! Et si le vrai secret de Marion Cotillard, c’était d’abord un féroce appétit de travail ? « Ce qui est magnifique,

Feb 2008
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4.30 pm/1.30 am: Marion Cotillard has been spotted on the red carpet! She’s looking absolutely glamourous and beautiful in a low-cut white dress and a kind of an old-Hollywood hairdo! 4.37 pm/1.37 am: The fashion lady from E! loves Marion’s dress! It’s Jean Paul Gaultier by the way. In the interview she talks about living in the presence and enjoying every minute as well as about her American accent for

Feb 2008
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It’s Oscar time! Forest Whitaker – last year’s winner for Best Actor – will hand out the trophy to whoever’s named Best Actress tonight. Will it be Marion Cotillard? The Mary co-star recently said he expects it to be her: “Marion Cotillard! Did you not see her in La Vie En Rose? She’s transforming! That’s it!” Here some times to watch the ceremony live (all times are local): United States:

Feb 2008
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from Los Angeles Times / by Mark Swed Oscar-nominated Marion Cotillard uses her eyes the way the French chanteuse used her voice in ‘La Vie en Rose.’ MARION COTILLARD has been praised for channeling the legendary French chanteuse Edith Piaf all but supernaturally in “La Vie en Rose.” She does nothing of the sort. Much more interesting than that, this Oscar nominee for best actress is a conduit to Piaf.