Making Headlines – Part 1

Obviously, Marion Cotillard’s Best Actress win at the Oscars is making headlines throughout the world. I’ve now added scans of the most recent issues of Vanity Fair Germany and Paris Match – both feature Marion on the cover. The latter also features an interesting interview with Marion’s dad: Jean-Claude Cotillard (see scan #11).

Remember that although the scans are tagged I am happy to see a link back to this site here should you decide to post them in e.g. a messageboard. I have come across a number of my scans – especially rare ones such as the Japanese magazine features – having been posted on various places uncredited and with illegible tags. Buying and scanning magazines is something I enjoy doing for a fansite but it costs money and time. So instead of simply taking them for your own use please take the additional time of maybe commenting on here how much you appreciate them and add a link back to Magnifique Marion Cotillard should you post them someplace else. It would be much appreciated!

05 Vanity Fair (Germany) – February 28
12 Paris Match (France) – February 28 – March 5


21 Comments on “Making Headlines – Part 1”

  1. I am so very happy for Marion’s Oscar win – although I haven’t seen all of her performance in La Vie en Rose, the clips I have seen have convinced me Marion’s performance is worth all the nominations and awards it has gotten. Thank you for all the new photos and Oscar coverage!

    Ah, don’t I know that itching, irritating feeling when scans and other material gets reposted without any credit. You’d think a simple text link back wouldn’t be too much, but I guess it is for some inflated egos.

  2. I was so so happy when Marion won that I started running and screaming at 1 a.m.(the time it was aired in Brazil), my parenths were pissed with me, but who cares, I was so happy.
    Love marion!
    and thanks for the lovely scans and for give us this amazing site, my congratz to you!

  3. I’re re-uploaded scans #4+5 from German Vanity Fair. Are there any other that are broken now?

    Full size versions are always still available even when the gallery system inexplainably removes the resized version…

  4. Yes, thanks for fixing them. I have just learned about some anti-american statements Marion made. I’m so disappointed now!!

  5. Bueno, q exageración con el temita. No hay que sacar las cosas de contexto. Lo que ella dice es que eso después se ha usado con fines políticos y estoy completamente de acuerdo, al igual q es verdad que no sabemos ni la mitad de las cosas que suceden, nos cuentan una pequeña parte, si es q nos la cuentan. en cuanto a la Luna, no sé si decir q estoy de acuerdo o no, pero es extraño q no se ha vuelto a ir no? pues eso, me gusta la gente con ideas, con opiniones y q sabe defenderlas.

    I like Marion!!!!
    I like Marion, she’s freedom

  6. What gives you the right to insult her like that ? The scandal sheets and the people who can hardly wait to drag someone’s well-deserved success through the mud, those are embarassments to the human race ! She voiced her doubts, she was honest about them, that’s all she did. It’s very easy to take words out of context and use them against someone, especially when it’s someone lovely and gentle like Marion. If only we learned to appreciate each other and just be happy for other people’s happiness, this world would be a good place to live in…

  7. Fist: It’s the Dailey Mail. Stupid tabloid.

    Second: “May your Oscar be tainted with Anthrax”.
    That’s way out of line!

    Third: Did Bush know about the attacks?
    Yes he did. Did he do anything against them? No he did not!

    Fourth: “I’ve stayed out of France since 2001, please stay out the
    United States? Deal?”.
    Gladly. Until Obama is president I’ll go to France instead.

  8. Well how can I make the pics become bigger, because I can’t read the interview, the letters are too small.
    By the way about the 9/11, actually media sometimes brought bullshit things to manipulate people. I mean nobody is perfect and no one can always say nice words about everything. She might criticize but it still doesn’t mean that she’s anti-American. So guys, come on stop arguing about that. Yet It’s important what people saying, but it’s more important what they are DOING! So don’t be disappointed American friends^^, keep on supporting her if you still like her.^^ lol

  9. If my first reaction was a bit harsh, I’m sorry but it’s just how I feel. Having lost a nephew in Afganistan through a war America started.

    What I wanted to say was this: The Dailey Mail is a tabloid magazine, they write what they want, and it’s usually not true what they write. Keep supporting Marion, she is an amazing actress.

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