Day: February 29, 2008

Making Headlines – Part 1

Obviously, Marion Cotillard’s Best Actress win at the Oscars is making headlines throughout the world. I’ve now added scans of the most recent issues of Vanity Fair Germany and Paris Match – both feature Marion on the cover. The latter also features an interesting interview with Marion’s dad: Jean-Claude Cotillard (see scan #11).

Remember that although the scans are tagged I am happy to see a link back to this site here should you decide to post them in e.g. a messageboard. I have come across a number of my scans – especially rare ones such as the Japanese magazine features – having been posted on various places uncredited and with illegible tags. Buying and scanning magazines is something I enjoy doing for a fansite but it costs money and time. So instead of simply taking them for your own use please take the additional time of maybe commenting on here how much you appreciate them and add a link back to Magnifique Marion Cotillard should you post them someplace else. It would be much appreciated!

05 Vanity Fair (Germany) – February 28
12 Paris Match (France) – February 28 – March 5