Le Grand Journal: Oscar win interview

France’s Le Grand Journal interviewed Marion Cotillard about her Oscar win. The interview was aired Tuesday eveing on Canal+. I’ve added the HQ clip as well as screencaptures. Among other things – such as ‘was her thank you speech prepared?’ – we learn that she flew to Chicago today to start work on ‘Public Enemies’ – her new movie with Johnny Depp and by Michael Mann.

For a full English translation read Delsa‘s comment on a similar entry – containing a YouTube version of the same video – on Marion Cotillard ‘s Road to Oscar.

I suppose Marion was giving some interviews for US television programmes too. Has anybody been able to catch any? Reports about them, pics or even clips would be most welcome!

335 Le Grand Journal, February 25, 2008 on Canal+
Video: Talk Shows > 2008


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