Day: February 27, 2008

Just a few new scans

To pass the time here some new scans with accompanying articles in French as well as from the previously updated about 2008 Oscar Portfolio by The New York Times Magazine. I hadn’t realized they dedicated 4 pages to Marion Cotillard! This is fantastic – to have a quite major & popular US publication show so much love for Marion before her Oscar win! Ellen Page was on the cover and had 1 page inside, and Julie Christie as well as many others ‘only’ had one single page dedicated to them. Some had double pages.

06 Elle (France) – February 25
02 Gala (France) – February 20
04 The New York Times Magazine (US) – February 10

Marion Cotillard about Switzerland

Various Swiss newspapers ran a story about Marion’s recollection of her time in Switzerland. I’m not sure whether these are actually new quotes or an old story being recycled because of the lady’s Oscar win. Also the publication cited as original source is generally not the most trustworthy. Anyway, a translation of this article – I found it interesting because I happen to live in Berne:

“I know Switzerland a little because I was shooting a film [‘La Guerre dans le Haut Pays’, 1999] with Francis Reusser there”, explains the 32-year-old to “Blick”. We spent 2 months in Interlaken – however I don’t have good memories of my time there. They don’t like the French at all there!”

But the ‘La Môme’ star discovered some cozy places too: “Geneva and the Italian Switzerland – and Berne. Such a beautiful city. Overwhelming!” She was only bothered by the Bear Pit in the city – and not just a little: “There I was, strolling around the gorgeous Old Town, then I crossed the bridge and was deeply shocked. How can the Swiss who are normally very ecology-minded – I love their health food and wholefood shops – allow something like that to exist?”

Berne should absolutely invite the actress to the opening of the new Bear Park: The bear will have an enclosure of over 6000 square meters at the hillside of the Aare river to roam around as of summer 2009. Cotillard would then be able to observe the “Mutzen” [local expression for the bear] from the terrace near the present Bear Pit as well as from the lane on the bank of the Aare river!

Le Grand Journal: Oscar win interview

France’s Le Grand Journal interviewed Marion Cotillard about her Oscar win. The interview was aired Tuesday eveing on Canal+. I’ve added the HQ clip as well as screencaptures. Among other things – such as ‘was her thank you speech prepared?’ – we learn that she flew to Chicago today to start work on ‘Public Enemies’ – her new movie with Johnny Depp and by Michael Mann.

For a full English translation read Delsa‘s comment on a similar entry – containing a YouTube version of the same video – on Marion Cotillard ‘s Road to Oscar.

I suppose Marion was giving some interviews for US television programmes too. Has anybody been able to catch any? Reports about them, pics or even clips would be most welcome!

335 Le Grand Journal, February 25, 2008 on Canal+
Video: Talk Shows > 2008

80th Academy Awards Coverage – Part 3

I’ve added many more pictures of Marion Cotillard arriving at the Oscars as well as from during the ceremony. The album 80th Academy Awards – Arrivals & Ceremony now contains 140 pictures. Note the pictures of Marion and Cate Blanchett greeting each other on the red carpet as well as Helen Mirren and George Clooney congratulating her after her Best Actress win. I’ll soon add the photos from the Pressroom and the after parties too.