80th Academy Awards Coverage – Part 1

4.30 pm/1.30 am: Marion Cotillard has been spotted on the red carpet! She’s looking absolutely glamourous and beautiful in a low-cut white dress and a kind of an old-Hollywood hairdo!

4.37 pm/1.37 am: The fashion lady from E! loves Marion’s dress! It’s Jean Paul Gaultier by the way. In the interview she talks about living in the presence and enjoying every minute as well as about her American accent for her role of Billie in ‘Public Enemies’.

5.35 pm/2.35 am: It’s getting earlier and earlier over here. But I’ve added 11 gorgeous HQ pictures to the 80th Academy Awards folder in the gallery.

7.13 pm/4.13 am: MARION COTILLARD WINS THE OSCAR!!!!!!

7.16 pm/4.16 am: Warmest congratulations again! I’m sooo happy! As luck would have it my internet connection decided to act weird in the middle of Marion’s speech 🙁 Also I couldn’t get it recorded. Sorry! In the meantime I have some other interviews for you, incl. the interview by E! News:

10.13 pm/7.13 am: Thanks to Mycah we have a HQ clip of Marion’s acceptance speech:


22 Comments on “80th Academy Awards Coverage – Part 1”

  1. I was cheering so loud that the neighbors probably heard me! I’m so happy and excited for her, and she really deserved the award!

  2. Oh this HAD to have been the best win of Best Actress =)
    And Maria, this site is so up-to-date it’s like, like, well, you being with her ! “9:45 am : Marion Cotillard drinks first sip of l’eau during the day.” Haha, okay, not so extreme. But great job with the site. Too bad you didn’t get the interview =(

    Félicitations à Marion ! <3

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