80th Academy Awards

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  1. Michael says:

    I have seen La Vie en Rose 4 times and I just can not see her not winning the Oscar tonight. It was the performances of the ages. I did see Julies Christie performances also and yes she was very good but I’m sorry no one comes even close this year to Marion. And don’t you think its time that an actress in a foreighn film wins. I hope the voters feel the same way I do.


  2. theredhead15 says:

    Ditto Michael. Christie is very deserving, but Marion is even more so. Hopefully the academy doesn’t overlook the caliber of the performance just because it’s in a foreign language (a very real potential). I will be watching with baited breath all night!

  3. jimena says:

    I´m so happy and so so proud of marion!! Of course she deserved it more than anyone. Her performance is an example for those, like me, who are actors, or prepearing for it. And she´s so humble, so sweet and talented!!! It was the most touching and incredible performance, I´ve ever seen. I´m really happy for her.

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