Premiere + Vanity Fair March

I’ve added my own scans of Marion Cotillard re-enacting a scene from ‘Psycho’ in the Hollywood issue of Vanity Fair. Also big thanks to joliechose who sent me scans of the new issue of French Premiere magazine. It features Marion on the cover and is full of lovely quotes from people who’ve had the privilege of working with her over the years, including Dikkenek co-star Mélanie Laurent. Again, is anybody able to send in a good translation of this? If not, I’ll be trying my own luck on it soon.

There’s also a preview of the upcoming documentary about Marion on the La Vie en Rose promotion tour ‘Mon Clown’. Strangely, it gives a different date for it: March 7 as opposed to the previously announced March 14. If anyone knows which is the ‘real’ date please do let us know!

And a new TV alert: French TV channel M6 will be airing a portrait documentary about Marion Cotillard on March 1, 11.30 am. (source)

07 Premiere (France) – March
02 Vanity Fair (US) – March


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