Day: February 19, 2008

Recent Talk Show Appearances

Today’s other update is all about Marion Cotillard’s recent Talk Show appearances. Of course there was the interview on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson back in January, which we finally have screencaptures and a clip of, and then 2 interviews on AMC’s programme Shootout. Big thanks goes to Mycah for recording the second of those – the Oscar Nominees Special – for the site and sending in caps & a clip. These are all very lovely clips so be sure to watch!

062 Shootout Palm Springs Film Festival, January 5, 2008 on AMC
180 The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson, January 8, 2008 on CBS
117 Shootout Oscar Nominees Special, February 15, 2008 on AMC – screencaps by Mycah
003 Videos: Talk Shows – 2008

New and old portrait sessions

Prior to the actual scans of the new Elle issue I’ve added the portrait session to the gallery. While there are no new pictures (yet) it features most of the ones from the actual magazine in quite good quality. Additionally, I’ve added some older – and very gorgeous – sessions. Enjoy!

09 2007: Session 007
01 2005: Session 004
04 2003: Session 004
02 2001: Session 001
08 2000: Session 001
04 1999: Session 001, Session 002
02 Unsorted: Session 009