Day: February 17, 2008

New scans #3 – Men’s Vogue US & Italy

The last scan update for today. February issues of both the US and the Italian Men’s Vogue feature Marion Cotillard.

03 Men’s Vogue (US) – February
02 L’Uomo Vogue (Italy) – February

Another Media Alert: Marion is featured in the March issue of US Elle in a 14 (!) page photo spread. See scans of the gorgeous pictures at the Fashion Spot Forum. Thanks Mycah for the heads up and Jen for the link. Scans will come soon to the gallery here.

I have now added scans of all the magazines I have and that were published in 2007 and 2008 and feature Marion. Do you have some magazines that are missing? Could you maybe scan them and contribute to the site? I’d be very thankful. I will soon – not making any promises as to when, though – start scanning earlier publications.

New scans #2 – Oscar Roundtable

In one of our recent updates there was a mention of Newsweek’s Oscar Roundtable. You can watch the video and read a transcript on their website – the transcript is also in our press archive.

The day before it was removed from the newsstand, I accidentally came across an issue of German magazine called Stern reporting on this event. Of course I had to buy it and scan it for the site! The article is a translated and shortened version of the afore-mentioned transcript. To make things even better I also added the outtakes of the photos used in the magazine (and in a previous issue of Newsweek) to the gallery.

08 Stern (Germany) February 7
24 Session 005

New scans #1 – Various

I have spent a tremendous amount of time this afternoon scanning various magazines featuring Marion Cotillard. In this first batch there’s nothing totally new but nevertheless I’m sure you will be enjoying them.

02 Obs Télé (France) – January 6-12, 2007
02 Harper’s Bazaar (Australia) – August, 2007
02 Mean (US) – November, 2007 first mention in an English publication of the Karim Dridi Project
01 Elle (France) – December 31, 2007
02 Elle (France) – January 21, 2008
05 Stella (UK) – January 27, 2008 scans to this article
02 Studio (France) – February, 2008
02 Maxi (Germany) – March, 2008

BAFTA Picture & Video coverage – Part 2

I think I have now finished adding all the pictures and videos of Marion Cotillard at last Sunday’s BAFTA Awards. Due to the high amount of pictures of Marion on the red carpet, in the pressroom and attending after parties – mostly HQ – I decided to divide them into 3 different albums. Additionally to adding a video of Marion presenting an award to Javier Bardem I’ve also replaced the existing clip of her own win with one that includes the full presentation speech of Harvey Keitel and the clip from La Vie en Rose. Finally, there’s a clip called ‘Various’ – it includes small glimpses of Marion on the red carpet, Eva Green, Keira Knightley and Daniel Day-Lewis mentioning Marion and Marion’s comment about being confused with Keira by fans on the red carpet.

If you have any additional pictures/clips please feel free to send them in. Also, does anybody have a better quality clip of Marion’s acceptance speech? Could you in that case please send in screencaptures? That’d be awesome!

040 The Orange British Academy Film Awards 2008
080 The Orange British Academy Film Awards 2008 – Pressroom
071 The Orange British Academy Film Awards 2008 – After Parties
003 Videos Public Appearances – 2008 – BAFTA