Daniel Day-Lewis

Daniel Day-Lewis – who won a Leading Actor BAFTA last night – loves Marion Cotillard:

Out of the four, it was Cotillard’s that took most by surprise.

“It has been the most incredible adventure,” said the 32-year-old in an emotional speech. “I loved very single second.”

Collecting his prize, Daniel Day-Lewis paid his own tribute to the French star.
“Never mind all the other qualities in her astonishing performance,” he said. “For sheer balls alone, I feel Marion should have this award as well.”

From BBC Press Release


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  1. This amazing actor is the classiest act ever. Almost better than the award…

    Another one which made my pessimistic self hope a bit :

    [when asked who he expects to hand the Oscar to in 2008]: “Marion Cotillard! Did you not see her in ‘La Vie En Rose?’ She’s transforming! That’s it!” – Forest Whitaker

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