BAFTA Picture & Video coverage

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  1. Jess says:

    she was so shocked!! lol :p if you still need a vid of her speech then let me know and I’ll make it tomorrow …

  2. Mariana says:

    Congrats to the lovely and talented Marion! I loved to see her win and to see Guillaume by her side. He looked happy for her! I’d have loved to see a photo of her with Eva, those two awesome French women!

  3. Paolo 72 says:

    But Marion stays with Guillame Canet?

  4. Mariana says:

    Paolo: Marion and Guillaume have been dating since last year.

  5. Darky51 says:

    Congratulations Marion ! Elle est vraiment magnifique cette Marion.

  6. lala says:

    why she kiss khight’s hand?it is stupide

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