BAFTA Picture & Video coverage

I’ve started adding pictures of Marion Cotillard at the BAFTA Awards and I’ve also come across 2 lovely interviews. One features a thrilled and over-joyed Marion facing the press after her win and the other is an interview together with Keira Knightley on the red carpet before the ceremony by Sky News. Thanks to KeiraWeb for that one.

If you have any additional videos and especially her acceptance speech please don’t hesitate to send it in! We’d all be soo thankful 🙂

42 The Orange British Academy Film Awards 2008
05 Videos Public Appearances – 2008 – BaFTA [edit: Thanks to KeiraWeb we have more videos – incl. the absolutely adoring acceptance speech]


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  1. Congrats to the lovely and talented Marion! I loved to see her win and to see Guillaume by her side. He looked happy for her! I’d have loved to see a photo of her with Eva, those two awesome French women!

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