2008 Oscars Portfolio

Thanks to Marion Cotillard’s Road to Oscar for the heads up. This year’s Oscars Portfolio in The New York Times Magazine features Marion Cotillard. The issue will come out this Sunday, February 10.

Their website features many goodies: Overview, article, Breakthroughs (Interviews), Shooting Stars – Behind the Scenes, Audio Slide Show.

Language may also be an obstacle for Marion Cotillard, who played the legendary French chanteuse Edith Piaf in “La Vie en Rose.” In what is a particularly striking breakthrough performance, Cotillard shifts in age and mood from Piaf’s early days as a hustling street urchin to her death at 47. Cotillard has starred in hit films in France and appeared opposite Russell Crowe in “A Good Year” in 2006, but “La Vie en Rose” is, much like Penélope Cruz’s performance in “Volver” in 2006, a breakthrough, because suddenly she was seen as a serious actress. Yet no French actress — including Catherine Deneuve or Isabelle Adjani — has ever cracked the accent barrier in America. Cotillard is determined to try: she has taken intense Berlitz classes to learn pitch-perfect English, and she has already been cast in a big-screen adaptation of the musical “Nine,” which will also star Javier Bardem. Cotillard’s ability to mesh utterly with the life of Edith Piaf is not unlike the sense of commitment and attention to detail that dominates Daniel Day-Lewis’s work.

I’ve updated the gallery with all the new pictures. If anyone is able to send in file versions of the videos for the Media Vault please consider doing so. I would be so happy 🙂

01 Session 003
28 2008 Oscars Portfolio – Breakthroughs
07 2008 Oscars Portfolio – Shooting Stars


3 Comments on “2008 Oscars Portfolio”

  1. “Yet no French actress — including Catherine Deneuve or Isabelle Adjani — has ever cracked the accent barrier in America.”

    Actually, Audrey Tautou did, with The Da Vinci Code.

  2. And Julie Delpy did as well but she moved to the US for that. And Juliette Binoche did because she wins at life.

    Marion is the hard-working type. She learned the viola to play in “You and Me”, if she needs to sing, she sings, if she needs to shave, master a Parigot accent, she does, she can play the little naive rose or the dark characters, she can do whatever a director tells her to do. If she want to open up her horizons she can and for her greatest pleasure… 😉

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