Costume fitting for ‘Public Enemies’

Thanks to dedicated ‘Marion-researcher’ JV – member of the forum at the official Cotillard family website – I came across some fabulous pictures of Marion Cotillard trying out costumes for her upcoming role as Billie in ‘Public Enemies’. See all pictures on I’ve added most to the newly opened ‘Public Enemies’ gallery here on the site. I’ve also finally brought the sidebar up to date with the current status of Marion’s upcoming projects.


4 Comments on “Costume fitting for ‘Public Enemies’”

  1. Marion looks like an overjoyed schoolgirl on the first day of school LOL
    Gosh I love her. Can’t wait to see how she’ll treat this new character after 1 year of forced pause because of international promotion and the writers’ strike…

  2. Yes, it will be so interesting to see her follow-up to La Vie en Rose. Counting from when the film completed shooting (April 2006, I believe) it will have been a pause from acting of almost 2 years for Marion.

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