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Feb 2008
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While you can expect fantastic pictures of Marion Cotillard attending the Oscar Luncheon & more portraits soon I have for you some information about last week’s Virtuosos Tribute during the Santa Barbara Film Festival.

The evening was laid out very diplomatically, with fifteen minutes or so focused on each individual honoree. A more casual discussion with all five actors together concluded the show. Though the event’s format made for a late evening, no one in the audience seemed to mind.

Cotillard, in her quiet French accent, conveyed some of the deepest, most humbled ideas of the evening.

Without a doubt, the evening was a huge success with both the public and members of the festival’s inner circle.

On Wednesday, we thought that movements from the young stars would bring about the same amount of unable-to-contain affection. And, since there were five stars, we thought that we could use the noise meter to figure out which one was the most popular with the local crowd. Well, last night there was no screaming. In fact the only star whose presence raised the roof to over ambient noise levels was Marion Cotillard, whose fan club pushed up the dB’s by singing in French. The meter went as high as 86 – about the same noise level as Abercrombie and Fitch.

All but one of the Virtuosos made it to the end of the Carpet. Cotillard wasn’t feeling well and bowed out early.

credit: Santa Barbara EdHat

  • Eulalie
    Posted on February 08, 2008

    Too much to handle? I think I would have been frightened rather than flattered by such an excessively noisy demonstration of fan crazyness, just like her…

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