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France 2 interview

As I mentioned in one of my recent updates Marion Cotillard was interviewed on French TV last Monday night. France 2 aired the ‘Live from USA’ interview about her Golden Globe win and introduced it with a nice little overview of Marion’s career. Thanks to Paolo we have HQ screencaptures in the gallery and a down-sized video for you to download. Many many thanks!

While I thought it was especially nice to once again see an interview in French – Marion’s native language – it might be difficult for some to understand. In that case watch a video about the Golden Globe winners over at Access Hollywood – Marion is featured in it as well. Thanks to Marion Cotillard’s Road to Oscar for the find.

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BAFTA Nomination

Marion Cotillard garnered a BAFTA nomination! Congratulations! Other nominees for Best Actress include the “usual suspects” Cate Blanchett (Elizabeth: The Golden Age), Julie Christie (Away From Her), Keira Knightley (Atonement) and Ellen Page (Juno).

The nominations were announced earlier this morning by actresses Naomie Harris and Kelly Reilly (watch video) at BAFTA Headquarters. The Orange British Academy Film Awards will be held on Sunday 10 February at the Royal Opera House in London’s Covent Garden. The event promises to be bigger and better than ever and the ceremony will be broadcast around the world and on the BBC in the UK.

In addition La Vie en Rose garnered nomination in 6 other categories: Film not in the English Language, Music, Production Design, Costume Design, Sound and Make up & Hair. Congratulations!

Marion’s reaction

Here, what I’ve been able to find online about Marion Cotillard’s reaction to her Golden Globe win:

“I’m so happy the Hollywood Foreign Press recognized the film and my performance. As a French actress, it is a dream to be in the company of actors whom I have admired from afar for so long: Daniel Day-Lewis, Javier Bardem, Cate Blanchett, Johnny Depp and Julie Christie. My sincere gratitude to director Olivier Dahan, who is the one that made this all possible.”
official statement, according to CinemaDave

Marion Cotillard was in L.A. when, plopped down in front of the tube, she find [sic] out that the Globes voters had judged her performance in “La Vie en Rose” irresistible. “Definitely there was champagne involved.” she said. “ Definitely. It was a big surprise.”

Ms. Cotillard added that, yes, a big event and party would have been nice, but that there were more important matters to consider. “I am more sorry that there is no resolution to the writers strike,” she said. “We need for things to work out so everyone can go back to work.”

When that happens, Ms. Cotillard, the ingénue of this year’s season, will likely not be wanting for proffers.
Carpetbagger, The New York Times – found by Marion’s Cotillard’s Road to Oscar

Many thanks to Cassie for letting us know that Marion appeared on France 2 last night. Since always helpful Paolo managed to record it expect a video soon!

Recent Public Appearances

We did not get the usual Golden Globes picture & video galore – for obvious reasons – but I could not resist adding 2 pictures of the screen & a video from the moment when Marion Cotillard’s name was read at the Press Conference. I also took the time to update the gallery with Marion’s other recent public appearances – as well as 3 exciting videos. Many thanks Mariana and Sara Amelia for your help with some of the pictures!

As for the request for the VH1 red carpet interview: see screencaptures over at Marion Cotillard’s Road to Oscar and if you’re in the States (which I’m not 🙁 ) watch the video here. You’re still very welcome to send in a proper file of that interview as well as the Craig Ferguson talk show appearance and in fact any other interview/video with Marion you might come across. Myself and the rest of the site’s visitors will definitely be very grateful!

If you encounter some difficulties with the site it is probably due to the massive increase of new visitors! I truly hope the site won’t crash! Thank you for your patience already.

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Golden Globe’s Best Actress Marion Cotillard: ‘It Was Like Fireworks’

from FOX News / by Roger Friedman

What was Marion Cotillard doing when she won the Golden Globe for Best Actress Sunday night? She was lying on the ground in her Beverly Hills hotel room watching TV while her friends were sitting in chairs.

“We didn’t expect the Best Actress to come up so fast,” the adorable 32-year-old French actress told me after the show at a dinner thrown for her by Picturehouse at the Chateau Marmont.

“Suddenly they were all jumping up and down screaming and I was lying there watching them,” Cotillard said. “They looked like fireworks.”

Her face glowed at the memory.

Within 30 seconds she got a call from her brother — one in a pair of twins — who lives in San Francisco.

“He was very excited,” Cotillard said.

Her parents in Paris, however, do not know what the Golden Globes are.

“They know the Oscars,” she said. “But they are serious theater actors. My father won the Moliere Award a couple of years ago. If I said Golden Globes, they would say, that’s nice.”

Cotillard had a dress being made by Nina Ricci for the Globes show, but told the designer not to hurry once the Globes were cancelled. Now it will be used for the Screen Actors Guild Awards on Jan. 28.

Meanwhile, we wondered why the much older character actor Harry Dean Stanton was one of her dinner guests, as was Matt Dillon. Were American actors hitting on her like crazy these days?

“No,” she laughed, as she drank a glass of Champagne. “I am very lucky with my man right now.” Her boyfriend is French. Stanton is simply one of her idols. Dillon came as the guest of another guest. Later, Tim Robbins stopped by after rehearsing a theater workshop. He’s another new friend.

But then it was well past midnight, and Harry Dean Stanton was volunteering to play the piano in the hotel lobby. What else can we find out about Marion Cotillard before she wins the Oscar, and becomes the biggest French actress in America since Juliette Binoche?

“My nickname is Yonks,” she said gleefully. “It’s spelled Ionx,” she explained. “My best friend calls me that. Sometimes she says ‘Yo, Yonks.'”

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