France 2 interview

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  1. Mariana says:

    Awesome interview! Marion is so cute! Thank you Maria and the ever helpful Paolo!

  2. Paolo says:

    Thanks Maria and Mariana, it’s a pleasure to record Marion!
    For Mariana:If you know when Eva Green is on a French Channel let me know…

  3. Paolo 72 says:

    I can’t open the screencaptures.It’s only a problem of mine?

  4. Maria says:

    Thumbnails and full-sized pictures (log in to view) seem to work perfectly. However, the intermediate versions seem to be broken. I thought it was an easy thing to fix – however I didn’t succeed. I will look into this as soon as I have more time. Either tonight or tomorrow. I am very sorry.

  5. Lovely interview! Thanks for sharing. My French isn’t that great, but I caught most of it. She always seems like a genuinely sweet person.

  6. Marion, a french ! says:

    Hi ! My name is Marion and I’m french ! Marion Cotillard is an idol for me, and if I can help you for translate french, say it to me, I try to do this ! I know, I’m not a good english, but I do what I can ! If I can help tou, I’ll be so glad ! I hope you answer me. I’ll come back tomorrow. Bye guys, and I’m really sorry for this english !

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