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Here, what I’ve been able to find online about Marion Cotillard’s reaction to her Golden Globe win:

“I’m so happy the Hollywood Foreign Press recognized the film and my performance. As a French actress, it is a dream to be in the company of actors whom I have admired from afar for so long: Daniel Day-Lewis, Javier Bardem, Cate Blanchett, Johnny Depp and Julie Christie. My sincere gratitude to director Olivier Dahan, who is the one that made this all possible.”
official statement, according to CinemaDave

Marion Cotillard was in L.A. when, plopped down in front of the tube, she find [sic] out that the Globes voters had judged her performance in “La Vie en Rose” irresistible. “Definitely there was champagne involved.” she said. “ Definitely. It was a big surprise.”

Ms. Cotillard added that, yes, a big event and party would have been nice, but that there were more important matters to consider. “I am more sorry that there is no resolution to the writers strike,” she said. “We need for things to work out so everyone can go back to work.”

When that happens, Ms. Cotillard, the ingénue of this year’s season, will likely not be wanting for proffers.
Carpetbagger, The New York Times – found by Marion’s Cotillard’s Road to Oscar

Many thanks to Cassie for letting us know that Marion appeared on France 2 last night. Since always helpful Paolo managed to record it expect a video soon!


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