Marion Cotillard: Best of 2007

Welcome to 2008! We would like to spend the first day of the new year looking back on 2007. What a year for Marion Cotillard! Promotion for La Vie en Rose in France started in January, the film had its world premiere at the Berlin Film Festival in February and then continued to be released in one country after another. Marion Cotillard accompanied the promotion team around the globe. Final stop was Japan – she only skipped the South America tour. Afterwards she started to support Picturehouse‘s awards campaign. We’ve been treated to some amazing news & picture coverage meanwhile and let’s all hope when the Oscar nominations will be announced next month Marion’s name will be among them!

Marion Cotillard: Best of 2007 (Read full story to see full list)

Compiled by the Magnifique Marion Cotillard staff. Please feel free to post your own choices here or at the forum. 😉 Idea inspired by our friends Riikka and Mycah.

Best news:
Both agree:
The countless awards and nominations. It’s great to see Marion Cotillard being recognized for her amazing performance in La Vie en Rose. She so deserves the international break-through!

Worst news:
Both agree:
The delay of the production for Nine – it will take forever until we get to see Marion in something new.

Favourite magazine cover:
Favourite magazine cover Favourite magazine cover
Maria: Simply a perfect cover!

Favourite magazine picture:
Favourite magazine picture Favourite magazine picture
Maria: Used as some kind of advertisement for jewellery company Chopard I fell in love with this picture as soon as I saw it for the first time.
Sara Amelia: So soft, peaceful and casual. It’s the best representation of Marion.

Favourite photo shoot:
Favourite photo shoot Favourite photo shoot
Maria: I liked them all a lot – among them some spectacularly stunning pictures. This shoot however, has to be my favourite. I think it showcases both the star and down-to-earth Marion.
Sara Amelia: What can I say.. I love, love, loove this set!

Favourite photo shoot picture (excluding the shoot mentioned above):
Favourite photo shoot pic Favourite photo shoot pic
Maria: I just love the combination of class, style, exotic-ness and fun
Sara Amelia: I can’t even begin to get into the reasons why I love this specific image. Marion looks simply breathtaking, and so beautiful. She’s incredibly casual, but so gorgeous at the same time. It caught my eye instantly.

Favourite event look – Premiere:
Favourite event look premiere Favourite event look premiere
Maria: More of a press reception than red carpet premiere, but I love the girly look!
Sara Amelia: I just love how funky and fierce Marion looks. It’s slightly old time vixen, but incredibly well put together, and such an outstanding outfit. I love her bright red lips and bangs. Such a great essemble, no doubt.

Favourite event look – Non-Premiere:
Favourite event look
Both agree: The star of by-gone eras – absolutely stunning & gorgeous at this event during the Cannes Film Festival.

Favourite Hair style:
Favourite hair style
Both agree: Gotta love these long, soft & shiny curls

Favourite 2007 project:
Both agree: La Vie en Rose
Maria: There was only one – but it’s easily the role of a lifetime for Marion! La Vie en Rose. While I still am not 100% convinced of the film itself I have watched it a number of times and am continuously blown away by Marion’s performance and the film’s visuals.

Favourite still from a 2007 project:
Favourite still

Favourite quote:
Both agree: – about the whole awards campaign:

“Je déteste les gens intéressés, mais je rencontre des gens intéressants.” (I hate interested people but I am meeting interesting people.)

Most anticipated Marion release for 2008:
Both agree: It looks like there won’t be one until at least 2009 – but we are most looking forward to the Karim Dridi project.

It’s also been a eventful year for this website. Going from a small tribute page named Presenting Marion Cotillard to a temporary version to a full site located on its own domain and named Magnifique Marion Cotillard! Unfortunately, Sara Amelia has decided to step down from being a co-webbie due to other obligations. She has been kind enough though to contribute to this list as a goodbye. Thanks a lot! She is still an avid admirer of Marion and will continue to be a regular visitor to this site.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all loyal visitors for your lovely comments and feedback and I am determined to make this site even better in 2008! So if you have any suggestions etc please feel free to tell me so!

Most of all, thank you Marion Cotillard for being such an inspiration to us! May the next year bring you much happiness!


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