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Those of you who have read the French interview on the Studio Hors Série scans already know. Marion Cotillard has another upcoming project apart from Nine. It’s Karim Dridi’s next film. Actually, I just learned, she referred to this project already back in September in a French interview with Télécinéobs: “Ce sera une très belle histoire d’amour.” Which translates to “It will be a very beautiful love story.” You will be pleased to know that the November-January issue of US magazine MEAN has more information (scans coming soon!):

I have an amazing beautiful project in France at the end of 2008. It’s a true story, it takes place in the desert and it’s in the early ’30s. She’s a woman, she flies planes and she goes to Africa by herself because the love of her llife has crashed in the desert. There is a French director from Tunisia attached to the project, Karim Dridi.

This sounds exciting, doesn’t it?! If you know anything else about this project – e.g. the movie title – please don’t hesitate to tell us!

Let’s all hope that scheduling conflicts for Marion Cotillard can be avoided! Karim Dridi’s film is scheduled to start shooting at the end of 2008 and Nine‘s planned production start is in the second half of 2008.


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  1. That sounds amazing! oooh I can’t wait, but I must face the fact that it probably won’t come out in my country (Argentina), there are not many french movies, people here don’t appreciate them very much and if they come out, you probably won’t even know because they aren’t advertised and they show for only a week and I sometimes can’t go to see them! It’s so frustrating! Not only french, but all european movies! I swear I don’t understand it, I’m a huge fan of european films and it really pisses me off! And I really want to see Marion on-screen again! I absolutely adore her! I also want to see Public Enemies, sounds good and she’s working with Johnny!!!!! (:

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