Globe nominee Cotillard has rosy future

from LA Daily News / by Greg Hernandez

t’s always nice to talk with someone when they are having a good day.

Thursday was a very good day for Marion Cotillard, who called from Paris in good spirits because she had just been nominated for a Golden Globe Award for Best Actress for her acclaimed performance in “La Vie En Rose.”

“It means that people appreciate your work, so it is something,” she said. “You can say that it’s very subjective or about an awards campaign. Me? I just enjoy the whole thing. Deeply, deeply, I don’t care about awards. But I’m starting to have sparkles in my heart. So I asked myself, Well, you do like that. Be honest.”

In “Rose,” the 32-year-old actress portrays French singer Edith Piaf from her late teenage years into her late 40s. The movie’s title is French for “Life in Pink,” which was the signature song of Piaf.

“I didn’t think about (awards) while we were shooting,” Marion said. “We didn’t have any idea of what it could be because it was very, very risky, to ask only one actress to do the whole thing from 19 years old to 47. Usually you ask two actresses. When I read this part with such a powerful character, I thought, This is bigger than my dream to play a whole life – an extremely intense, passionate life.”

While she is enjoying the acclaim for “Rose,” Marion is eager for the writers strike to end so she can work on director Rob Marshall’s film version of the Broadway musical “Nine.” After that, she has a French film which she describes as “an amazing love story in the African desert in the ’30s.”

But before work, there will be glamour.

Marion was named Best Actress recently at the Los Angeles Film Festival and returns to Southern California in just a few weeks to be honored by the Palm Springs Film Festival.

Then a few weeks later comes the Golden Globes.

“Of course I will be there,” she said. “I’m really looking forward to coming because this is a very unique thing for a French girl. To have the opportunity to meet people I admire so much. I am just enjoying the present time. No pressure at all.”


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