Awards #1: Boston Film Critics Awards

Awards season is in full swing and the various Film Critics Circles and Societies are announcing their winners – considered Oscar precursors. Yesterday afternoon, the Boston Society of Film Critics announced their winners and Marion Cotillard was named Best Actress! Congratulations! Read the Variety report on the winners.

Scott Feinberg posted a blog entry with information about what was going on behind the scenes: how the winners were determined and, since no runner-ups were announced, who/what else was in contention.

Marion Cotillard won Best Actress handily on the second ballot. Apparently, the only others with any real support at all were Julie Christie and Ellen Page.

And the always informative blog Marion Cotillard’s Road to Oscar is pointing out that Marion is the first actress from a foreign language film to be awarded by the BSFC since 1982.


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