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I don’t know about you but I just love hearing what people from within the film industry say about their colleagues. So here some more quotes I found:

And Marion Cotillard in La Vie En Rose. I think that’s one of the most extraordinary performances I’ve ever seen.

by Keira Knightley, source

Diva expert Charles Busch has channeled everyone from Joan Crawford to Judy Garland into his plays, including Off Broadway’s current “Die Mommie Die!” He calls Edith Piaf one of his favorite femme icons.”I’m always leery to see a movie about someone I know a lot about,” Busch cautions, “but I was fascinated with ‘La Vie en rose.’ What fascinates people about Garland and Piaf is their fragility and their tragedy. With both of them, what we really respond to is this triumph of will, the fragile, wounded person who somehow belts out the huge note and survives another comeback. It’s an incredible movie with a brilliant performance from Marion Cotillard.”

by Charles Busch, source


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