Actors about Marion

It’s not only the general audience and jury panels that recognize Marion Cotillard’s outstanding performance in ‘La Vie en Rose’. Here are quotes from 2 actors I respect a lot:

“Not only did she craft a flawless impersonation of a famous personality, but Marion’s humanity elevated her performance to a devastatingly honest and yet seemingly effortless personification of integrity and grace. To me, this is more than just a great performance; it’s a document of this actress’s overwhelming ability to love.”

by Ryan Gosling, source, thanks Isis

“Marion Cotillard in “La Vie en rose” was absolutely astonishing, and the synthesis of the performance with the whole film is superb. As much as inhabiting Piaf, she was also creating a creature, and I thought that was astonishing and inspiring. One of the most remarkable things I’ve ever seen.”

by Cate Blanchett, source, thanks Road to Oscar


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  1. technically an actor I am tempted to believe I went to another universe when after watching Good YR & I didn’t realize how old the actress was in Piaf or that she was the angel In Ridleys GoodYR. Streep has company & a heir. Long live the Queen

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