New Portrait Session

While we’re trying to bring the site up to date with all the new and exciting stuff I have for you a special treat: a new and absolutely stunning set of pictures taken in March this year as well as untagged pictures for all the other sets of Portrait Sessions this year. Enjoy!

007.jpg 013.jpg 011.jpg 008.jpg 012.jpg 031.jpg


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  1. Dear Ms. Cotillard…Could you please translate the lyrics of La Vie En Rose ? I am not a movie, art or acting critic but I do work with the archetypal nature and love of “image” or “psyche” “in-relationship(s).” Please bear with my fumbling words of deep respect for your poetic depth of talent. Your soulful character portrayal of Edith Piaf was magnificent and I thank you deeply for educating me about her and you that moved me to tears of inspiration. What struck me most deeply was the archetypal symbolic nature of her emotionally enthralling creativity “you” captured so beautifully in Piaf’s projected soul-love onto a “fighter” that “she” in turn reflected in him and in the German’s occupation of France and French POW’s. It is easy for me to romanticize that soul-love and longing for “transcendent wholeness” into the political naiveté of “art for art sake” “innocent” of the “other” in oneself and the “dominating” historic “consumptive toxification” of “our” bio and eco systems that “killed” “her” and “him” and millions more because of it, and continues to do so in the name of “God,” “Country,” and “lust for more power.” I think you are a terrific actress and a strikingly beautiful and talented woman in your own right. You embody Piaf’s signature song La Vie En Rose and the archetypal psychology of all women’s “fight” for innate symbolic desire for inner healing and “wholeness” as an “object” of consciously discriminated re-embodiment.

    Thank you Marion Cotillard.

    With much admiration and deepest respect…..pls

  2. To: Marion Cotillard
    Yes to the above email. Besides your Seattle International Film Festival award you deserve an Oscar for Edith Piaf. Given the ethnocentrism of prevailing US corporate chauvinism toward foreign films, actresses and actors etc., I would suppose that such a nomination would not be considered. Why not change the rules? You should have an “action alert” outlet for people like myself who appreciate your work to petition the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for your Oscar nomination. I sent two emails to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences ( ( recommending your Oscar nomination.

    Your portraits are la vie en rose!

    Thank you,

    ti leon

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