‘La Môme’ DVD extras

I’m very sorry for the lack of updates recently. I’ve been very busy in real life and also I’ve been doing some behind-the-scenes work for the site – which I’ll soon be making available for all of you. To begin with I (finally) have the screencaptures of all the DVD extras of the French 2-DVD edition of ‘La Môme’ as well as of the limited special edition by Fnac.Com.

The film was released on DVD in the US as ‘La Vie en Rose’ earlier this week. I recommend you all go out and buy or at least rent it. I’m not sure whether the Making Of is the same on both DVDs and what scenes are added in the US version to make it the extended version. If anyone could send in information on that it’d be most welcome! Thanks.

089 DVD Screencaptures > Deleted Scenes
260 DVD Screencaptures > Making Of
021 DVD Screencaptures > Surprise
201 DVD Screencaptures > La Môme à New York
369 DVD Screencaptures > Fnac Masterclass
069 DVD Screencaptures > Menu
061 Screencaptures > Trailer (replaced with better quality screencaptures)


4 Comments on “‘La Môme’ DVD extras”

  1. Maria, great work! 🙂 I’m totally in love with your website. I come here everyday to check for news and all things related to Marion. I’m from Brasil and here’s really difficult to find people who appreciate her work as I do. Thanks for your hard work and for upploading this screens for us. Are you planning to post the videos from the DVD extras also?

  2. Maria, I wish you and all the extended “base” of Marion’s admirers a terrific and restful holiday season. 2009 is going to be great!

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