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Marion Cotillard on ‘La Vie en Rose’ — and awards

from The Envelope / by Tom O’Neil

“La Vie en Rose” star and Oscars best-actress contender Marion Cotillard described the tragic superstar she portrays in the film, Edith Piaf, as “an extreme character who attracted extreme events in her life” when Cotillard and I chatted recently in New York City.

The daughter of a circus contortionist, Piaf performed on the streets of Paris as a child and was even raised for a time in a cathouse, but “she was really happy in the brothel with all of those prostitutes who took care of her,” Cotillard said. “It was a period of joy for her.

“I think she was one of the greatest artists,” she added. “The way she loved to share emotions with people was very unique and she had a very unique voice. I would describe her voice as the balance of joy and tragedy, like her life was. She really used her talent and her joy and her failure — she put all of that in her singing.”

Cotillard has been vigorously promoting “La Vie en Rose” for a year, but “I can’t complain about all of the travel and answering the same questions all of the time,” she said. “I love Edith Piaf.”

New Portrait Session

While we’re trying to bring the site up to date with all the new and exciting stuff I have for you a special treat: a new and absolutely stunning set of pictures taken in March this year as well as untagged pictures for all the other sets of Portrait Sessions this year. Enjoy!

007.jpg 013.jpg 011.jpg 008.jpg 012.jpg 031.jpg

‘Nine’ delayed & possible cast changes?

Variety just reported that the current writers’ strike delayed the production of ‘Nine’ – Marion Cotillard’s rumoured upcoming project:

The Weinstein Co., meanwhile, postponed “Nine,” the Rob Marshall-directed musical that was slated to start production in March with Javier Bardem, Penelope Cruz, Sophia Loren and Marion Cotillard starring.In all four cases, the sponsoring studios decided they couldn’t overcome logistical and script problems exacerbated by the Writers Guild strike that is preventing rewrites, along with the looming expirations of the Directors Guild and Screen Actors Guild contracts in June. Other films are struggling to avoid the same fate.

“Nine,” the first collaboration between Marshall and Harvey Weinstein since the Oscar-winning “Chicago,” is now skedded to begin production in the second half of 2008. After Michael Tolkin wrote the script, TWC engaged Anthony Minghella to do a polish, but he was able to put in only three days of work before the writers guild went out.

Because of the intricate interaction between the script and the choreography that Marshall and John DeLuca plan, it was decided to wait for the writers to return, so the script can be properly completed.

Bardem will play the director Guido Contini, who experiences a creative and personal crisis as he tries to balance the women in his life, including his wife, mistress, film-star muse, agent and even his mother. The musical was inspired by the Fellini film “8½.” Music and lyrics are by Maury Yeston, composer and lyricist of the original production.

Catherine Zeta-Jones, who had been in talks to play one of the lead roles, dropped out of the movie, but the postponement was unrelated to her exit.

Regarding the last sentence it was New York Daily News who reported about it first. Citing a source claiming the actress had asked if the writer could enlarge her part. However, a friend insists she never officially commited and ultimately decided against the project because she felt it would be too similar a role to the one she played in ‘Chicago’.

Marshall is said to be looking for a slightly younger actress to play Claudia. Among those under consideration: Natalie Portman, Gwyneth Paltrow, Liv Tyler, Keira Knightley and Kate Hudson.

A ‘proper’ official announcement of the ‘Nine’ cast members has never been made although director Rob Marshall mentioned in an interview with The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette the cast would include Javier Bardem, Marion Cotillard, Penelope Cruz and Sophia Loren. Marion Cotillard herself has not actually confirmed her commitment for sure but has alluded to it on several occasions. Let’s all hope she will do this movie even if it for the time being became another victim of the strike!

For Your Consideration

fyc-1.jpg Oscar Season is approaching! Thanks to Jess and Marion Cotillard’s Road to Oscar for the heads up about the first ‘For Your Consideration’ trade ad that will hopefully remind all the Academy voters of Marion Cotillard’s outstanding performance in ‘La Vie En Rose’!

To keep up with all the Marion/Oscar-related buzz be sure to visit the afore-mentioned excellent blog!

Also read my guest post about ‘Les Jolies Choses’ (‘Pretty Things’) over there. Many thanks for inviting me and giving me this chance Road to Oscar!

‘La Môme’ DVD extras

I’m very sorry for the lack of updates recently. I’ve been very busy in real life and also I’ve been doing some behind-the-scenes work for the site – which I’ll soon be making available for all of you. To begin with I (finally) have the screencaptures of all the DVD extras of the French 2-DVD edition of ‘La Môme’ as well as of the limited special edition by Fnac.Com.

The film was released on DVD in the US as ‘La Vie en Rose’ earlier this week. I recommend you all go out and buy or at least rent it. I’m not sure whether the Making Of is the same on both DVDs and what scenes are added in the US version to make it the extended version. If anyone could send in information on that it’d be most welcome! Thanks.

089 DVD Screencaptures > Deleted Scenes
260 DVD Screencaptures > Making Of
021 DVD Screencaptures > Surprise
201 DVD Screencaptures > La Môme à New York
369 DVD Screencaptures > Fnac Masterclass
069 DVD Screencaptures > Menu
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