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Oct 2007
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from The Envelope / by Elizabeth Snead Marion Cotillard on performing Edith Piaf. In “La Vie en Rose,” Marion Cotillard was given the role of a lifetime: bring back to life the tiny, turbulent and tyrannical French singer/songwriter Edith Piaf. Piaf’s story is the stuff of legend. She was abandoned by her parents, raised in a brothel, then randomly discovered singing in the streets of Paris. Through sheer force of

Oct 2007
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I’m somewhat short in time but I simply HAD to update on this. New appearance pictures! Marion Cotillard attended the previously mentioned ‘Meet Marion’ screening organized by Back Stage and The Hollywood Reporter and the Hollywood Film Festival where she was honoured with the Hollywood Breakthrough Award. Congrats again! 33 ‘La Môme’ Backstage West Screening 40 Hollywood Film Festival’s 11th Annual Hollywood Awards

Oct 2007
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from NY Times T: Fashion & Beauty Winter 2007 / by Lynn Hirschberg In “La Vie en Rose,” you play Edith Piaf from age 17 to her death at 47. Piaf was a brilliant singer, but she was also a drug addict with a deeply dramatic personality. Was it challenging to play a woman who was so extreme in her emotions? When I read the script, I was really scared.

Oct 2007
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Marion Cotillard is gracing the cover of the winter issue of NY Times’ T: Fashion & Beauty magazine. It was published today, Sunday, October 21. Many thanks to Riikka and RoadToOscar for the heads up. See a preview and read the article here. Full-sized scans coming up next week! I can’t wait since this is an abolutely amazing photoshoot!

Oct 2007
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Here the rest of the scans from Japanese magazines. I think anyone would agree that the Marie Claire photoshoot is nothing but totally amazing! Enjoy! If any of you speak Japanese would it be possible to translate the recent interviews for the site? That’d be great!