Stills, English Scans & Wallpaper

I’ve added/replaced some movie stills with HQ ones (thanks Sara Amelia for helping me with these!) Also the scans of various Marion Cotillard features from publications in English are now in the gallery (many thanks Stef for your much appreciated help with some of these) as well as a wallpaper by Sholdina. If you too have some fanart/wallpaper with Marion feel free to send them in – I’ll be happy to add them.

003 Edy – Stills
004 Cavalcade – Stills
002 Innocence – Stills
001 Unknown (UK) – July 2007 if you know the publication, could you please tell me?
001 Empire (UK) – July 2007
002 Black Book(US) – June/July 2007
002 Fade In (US) – April/May 2007

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