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Breakthrough Performance Award

Many thanks go to Caladonia and Karen for informing me about this great Marion Cotillard news – while I’m actually preparing to go on a short trip. Variety – and others – are reporting the following:

Marion Cotillard will receive the breakthrough performance award for her work as chanteuse Edith Piaf in “La Vie en rose” at the 19th Palm Springs Film Festival. Thesp will be presented with the nod at in a gala ceremony at the Palm Springs Convention Center on Jan. 5.

“Marion Cotillard delivers a tour de force performance as legendary singer Edith Piaf in La Vie en Rose, which is sure to be recognized throughout this year’s awards season,” Festival chairman Earl Greenburg said in a statement. “This is truly one of the year’s breakthrough performances, and we’re delighted to recognize her for this outstanding role.”

Also the always helpful and lovely Mariana has made her Spotlight at her Sarah Polley website. Many THANKS! Be sure to head over and visit this great source on the Canadian actress/director.

Watch out for… Marion Cotillard

from The Envelope (The Los Angeles Times) / by Deborah Netburn

She’s the darling of film festivals with her portrayal of Edith Piaf in ‘La Vie en Rose.’

This awards season it’s all about Marion Cotillard.

She’s the 31-year-old French actress whose performance as Edith Piaf in “La Vie en Rose” left critics desperately searching for new words to describe her: “incredible,” “breathtaking,” “inspiring,” “gorgeous. ”

“La Vie en Rose” was released in the U.S. on June 8 and though the season has only just begun, Cotillard has already received best actress or breakthrough actress awards from the Seattle International Film Festival, the Hollywood Film Festival and the Cabourg Romantic Film Festival.

The 19th Annual Palm Springs International Film Festival (Jan. 3-14) has jumped on the Cotillard train with an announcement that it will honor her with the breakthrough performance award. She joins past recipients such as Jennifer Hudson and Felicity Huffman.

If Cotillard’s name is unfamiliar, you might have seen her in passing and not realized it. She recently appeared opposite Russell Crowe in Ridley Scott’s “A Good Year.” In 2004 she won a Cesar Award for best supporting actress for her role in Jean-Pierre Jeunet’s “A Very Long Engagement.”

But though she may have earned accolades for her earlier work, it’s her performance in “La Vie en Rose” that has placed her firmly in the “Thespian with a capitol T” camp.

As Stephen Holden gushed in the New York Times, “Marion Cotillard’s feral portrait of the French singer Edith Piaf as a captive wild animal hurling herself at the bars of her cage is the most astonishing immersion of one performer into the body and soul of another I’ve ever encountered in a film.”

In other words, expect to hear a lot more about her as awards season kicks into high gear.

Paris Match

However exciting English Marion Cotillard features are they are still in most cases more or less recycling known facts & pictures. But, guess what I found today at the newsstand? The latest issue of Paris Match (September 13-19) has an amazing article on Marion Cotillard.

Although La Vie en Rose yet has to come to South America Marion Cotillard finished her 6-month promotion tour for the film at the end of August in Japan. She spent 6 days at the Park Hyatt Hotel in Tokyo (Lost in Translation anyone?) and apart from attending the Press Conference (which we have pics from) she also 50 interviews, posed for fans in the streets (who know her from Taxi) or sometimes even helped preparing sushi. Paris Match accompanied her and that’s what the article is about. I’ve added the scans and you can watch behind-the-scenes photos in a video on their website or download it from the Video Vault.

I can’t wait to see the pictures she was posing for during this stay in Japan. Or videos of her interviews – e.g the one where the journalist started singing a Piaf song and asked Marion to dance. If you come across any of them can you please share them with us? That’d be amazing!

009 Paris Match (France) – September 13-19, 2007
042 Behind the Scenes > 2007 – Paris Match

Stills, English Scans & Wallpaper

I’ve added/replaced some movie stills with HQ ones (thanks Sara Amelia for helping me with these!) Also the scans of various Marion Cotillard features from publications in English are now in the gallery (many thanks Stef for your much appreciated help with some of these) as well as a wallpaper by Sholdina. If you too have some fanart/wallpaper with Marion feel free to send them in – I’ll be happy to add them.

003 Edy – Stills
004 Cavalcade – Stills
002 Innocence – Stills
001 Unknown (UK) – July 2007 if you know the publication, could you please tell me?
001 Empire (UK) – July 2007
002 Black Book(US) – June/July 2007
002 Fade In (US) – April/May 2007

92306 92328 92334 92370 92347 92096

New Video Clips

I’ve finally taken the time to figure out how to customize the look of the Video Vault. It should now look like a part of this site and I hope you don’t encounter any problems. I’ve also added a few new clips with Marion Cotillard – expect many more over the coming weeks!

01 La Môme (La Vie en Rose) – DVD Extras – Surprise
07 Big Fish – Clips

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