NRJ Ciné Awards

Marion Cotillard is nominated for 2 NRJ Ciné Awards for her performance in ‘La Vie en Rose’ – the awards seem to be something like a French version of MTV or Teen Choice Awards. So, go and vote for her! Just click the boxes ‘Vote!’ (The film itself is nominated as well)

‘La Frenchie de l’année’ (Frenchie of the Year)
‘Meilleur look’ (Best Look)


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  1. I ask very about this pictures in large format -
    I’m sorry but not it writes in English .


  2. I don’t know what was wrong again – but now it works definitely. Anyway, these pictures aren’t very big to begin with, that’s why it happened in the first place. If you are a registered user, this wouldn’t happen again, and you’d get the rest of them in their original size as well.

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