Day: August 23, 2007

Marion in Tokyo

International promotion for ‘La Vie en Rose‘ is still taking place. Marion Cotillard together with director Olivier Dahan visited Toky, Japan yesterday and I have some pictures from the Press Conference for you:

024 ‘La Môme’ Press Conference – Tokyo

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It’s been almost 3 months since I put up a temporary version and started work on this new version of Magnifique Marion Cotillard. Yes! The site has a new name and is now located at its own domain! Since opening the tribute page in July 2006 I have discovered a large number of Marion Cotillard’s performances and she has definitely become one of my top favourite actresses and I really felt she deserved a complete website.

Today, August 23, La Vie en Rose is released on DVD in France and I chose this day to re-open the site. I am not quite finished – the Press section, older magazine scans and all the info on Marion’s additional projects are still waiting to be added/completed. However, I am sure you will find a lot to browse through already. The site features now an extensive filmography section and the gallery has been completely re-done and there are also a few video clips (sorry about the look) with many more to come!

And don’t hesitate to register and participate in the Forum! I really can’t wait for the discussion to start! And if you have a site of your own: I’m always looking for high quality affiliates, so don’t hesitate to apply!

Last but not least, I would like to thank Mycah for creating an absolutely amazing layout that is both stunning and simple at the same time. Without it all my work could never have been brought together so beautifully.