New York Premieres

Marion Cotillard flew from Cannes to New York to attend the ‘proper’ New York premiere of ‘La Vie en Rose‘ on May 31. Remember, there was one back in February this year during the Rendez-Vous with French Cinema. This time the event was organized by the film’s US distributor Picturehouse and Chanel. The day before she also attended the premiere of another Picturehouse film ‘Gracie’. Check out the pictures in the gallery (many thanks go out to Mariana)!

041 ‘La Môme’ Premiere by Chanel & Picturehouse
010 ‘Gracie’ New York Premiere

006 010 016 035 004 006

6 Comments on “New York Premieres”

  1. I can’t find it? What image numbers => check the file information beneath the preview, or roll-over the thumbnails to see the numbers.

  2. I solved the problems using Internet Explorer, usually I surf with Firefox that sometimes has some bug.

    Thank you again for the HQ pictures!

  3. ABSOLUTELY AGREE WITH YOU!! I saw “La Vie en Rose” 2 days ago, and was absolutely blown away by Marion Cotillard’s performance. It is the best thing around not just this year, but when you look at overall performances throughout the years, hers ought to be remembered as one of the most impressive of them all.

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