Costa Serena Inauguration

Marion Cotillard was named the Costa Serena’s godmother. Read the original announcement here. The inaugural festivities took place last Saturday, May 19, in Marseille, France.

First came “the official christening ceremony in a more traditional maritime fashion. Godmother Marion Cotillard possessed an actor’s excellent timing (and great instincts). She successfully hacked a rope in one swipe, allowing for a Champagne bottle to smash against the ship’s hull. Two cannons fired confetti into the air, and the Chorus of the Marseilles Opera burst into song.”

That was followed by a gala dinner for more than 1,200 guests – for which internationally-renowned chefs had been commissioned. The evening’s festivities celebrating the Costa Serena ended with an inaugural show, entitled “Mediterranean Serenade,” involving the entire city of Marseille. “ Blending fireworks and projections of light that illuminated the night sky with explosive colors, the show was centered around Marseille’s four most famous monuments (known as the city’s “four wonders”): Pharo Cove and Palace, Sainte Marie Majeure Cathedral, Entrecastaux Castle and the Fort Saint-Jean. Each site was individually lit up, and the fireworks exploding overhead offered a joyful visage. CostaSerena too was ablaze with lights.”

The cruise company’s site about the Inaugural event: Costa Serena

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